Car Accident Settlement Opinions/Advice

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by WarrENDeatH, May 9, 2017.

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    Before I get into the story, believe me, coming to the internet to ask for opinions is ridiculous. That being said, I do like to garner some opinions from different perspectives to try and help me out.

    In August of 2015 I was involved in a car accident in my three day brand new car. The other drive ran a stop sign and t boned me. He took fault, was cited and within 12 hours of the accident I went to the Emergency Room for back/neck/knee injuries. After that, I went from August to April of 2016, seeing physical therapy/doctor appointments, medical advice, MRI's and X Rays to fix the issue(I also sought out legal council in mid August as soon as I was aware of my medical injuries). I became medically cleared on April, and have been in a constant struggle against his insurance company.

    To cut to the chase, the insurance company is using my previous history of injuries to say they are the primary cause of my injuries. They've offered a settlement of $2500 dollars (800 in my pocket when everyone is paid). The lawyer believes it is in my best interest to try and avoid court (but would support me if I went that route). Court of course would be expensive, with a lot of up front fees that I just couldn't paid (he said as much as a couple of grand either way).

    I racked up a total of $19,000 in medical bills (none of which my medical company is wanting back), spent time on limited work, lost around 24 pounds (not being able to lift) and fought through some depressing times.

    For reference sake:

    -Lawyer's fee is 33% on winning.
    -Lawyer believes I don't have a great chance of winning based on independent council.
    -Insurance company believes prior history is too recent and too much of the same as my current injury (3 months apart).

    I'm just trying to get everyone's opinion before I go and make a decision. I'm not looking for some massive payout, but $2500 is the definition of insulting. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!
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    Wow... $2500... had you only typed it once, I'd thought it was a typo and you meant $25000.

    You might be leaving important stuff out (no disrespect) or you need another attorney.

    Then again, I'm basing my comments from two car accidents in the 90s... the second included injuries from the 1st but I was paid, with no mention of the 1st accident (even though they had the records).

    I'll admit, I'm talking about something that happened over 20 years ago... I'm not an expert... shocked at $2500, frankly. Back in the day we had "pain and suffering" which was almost an automatic payment.

    My opinions: 1) look at their points objectively and see if they have one. 2) See if you can get an opinion from a second attorney (although, you might be "locked in" with the current attorney).

    *For the record, I settled for a good amount, but wish I'd waited... I still have back pain from those two accidents.
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    Roll the dice take it to court, if you're really hurt you should go after policy limits.

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