BMR Suspension New Product - Standard Version LCA Spherical Bearings - BK081

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    Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearings for S550 Mustangs

    Minimize wheelhop and enhance the rear stability of your 2015 and newer Mustang with a Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearing Kit from BMR Suspension. The stock rubber bushings are great for absorbing NVH, but do little for performance. The large spherical bearings in BMR’s Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearing Kit eliminate bushing deflection, which reduces lower control arm deflection, rear wheel alignment changes, rear spindle rotation, and wheelhop. The BMR Suspension Standard Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearing Kit (BK081) uses heavy-duty 1-inch spherical bearings in CNC-machined bearing cups that replace the factory rubber bushings. CNC-machined billet aluminum spacers complete the assembly, allowing for a perfect fit and increased performance for any driving style. Designed for street performance, drag race, and handling applications. These eliminate almost all fore and aft lower control arm movement. This also reduces wheelhop and increases throttle response and handling stability, while greatly improving the overall feel in any performance-driving situation. The BMR Standard Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearing Kit comes in a durable silver zinc finish. Installation time is 3-4 hours.

    To preview all of BMR’s high-performance suspension parts, please visit, email [email protected], or contact them at BMR Suspension, 928 Sligh Ave, Seffner, FL 33584, 813-986-9302, Fax: 813-986-8055.


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