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    So recently installed BC BR series coilovers on my 2017 mustang GT PP. Ordered them for my birthday from coilover depot. Well I'm coming up on two weeks, and I think they are finally settled in. But here's the issue I'm having:

    I've got a clunk noise coming from the passenger side front, when changing surfaces, or pulling into my driveway or into an entrance to get food. Like a pop clunk. Usually under turning. But then I also feel like im scraping but even being lowered it still has a good bit of space from the road to not scrape. Pretty sure my midpipe on my exhaust is the lowest, but I think the popping at low speeds over different elevations cause it to sound like i'm scraping.

    One issue behind this is, is when we installed the coilovers, we put them in backwards. Left is on right, right is on left. Cause even though they are the same, they are made specifically for the sides designated. So we are swapping them around on Friday evening, redoing the alignment Saturday morning. The one thing that kinda stuck out, is the camber on the driver compared to the passenger side. Off both sides almost a degree. Should've fixed everything then. Gonna raise my car up bout an inch and a half in front, right above the tire probably, and 3/4 in the rear. Which I think the clunk pop im getting resonates through the whole car cause I keep thinking its the rear driver shock of the kit.

    Any suggestions or advice. I know the top bolt of the assembly is one, I just don't got the tools at the moment to do it til Friday when i'm working on it and have them off the car.

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