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May 29, 2015
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Auto-Blip works fantastic. This was on my 2016 GT350. Sometime in 2017 Ford changed the accelerator reference voltage from 5v to 12v. This is the 5v model. If you have a '17 GT350 follow this procedure below to determine if this 5v unit will work for your 2017. 2016 models there is no issue. $300 shipped firm

There is a somewhat simple test that can be done to find out if your vehicle is compatible. It does require the use of a simple digital voltage meter.
The procedure goes as follow:
1) Disconnected the accelerator pedal connector from the pedal. This is done by gently sliding up the red locking clip on the connector. Then the connector can be remove by pressing on the release clip while at the same time gently sliding upwards the connector.
2) Turn the ignition on, do not start the engine.
3) Set the voltage meter to measure DC voltage. Connect the black lead of the meter to a bare metal surface under the dash (ground).
4) Use a small paper clip or a sewing needle to reach inside the connector pins in order to measure the voltage at the specified locations (see below, pin A and F) using the red lead from the voltage meter.

The measured voltage will be one of the following, 5v or 12v. If you measure 5v, then the standard production AUTO-BLiP will work with your 2017 GT350.



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