Alignment settings with wide tires and lowered suspension- need advice

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    Hi everyone,
    I recently installed vossen vfs-6 20 inch rims. 9.5 in front (25 offset I believe) with a 285/35 and 10.5 (45 offset I believe) In back with 305/35. Suspension is lowered with FP struts/shocks and bmr minimum drop springs (sp763??). Looking at the rear I think my camber is OK. It actually might be a little too aggressive. I think it’s -2. So far I’m not having any rubbing in the rear. I’m also not have any rubbing in the front that I’m aware of but it does seem like the tires stick out past the fender little bit. What camber setting should I be running with this set up? I understand I might sacrifice a little bit of tire wear. I don’t track the car so it’s mainly Street and road trips. Sure does look cool though!!
    Thanks for the help,

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