Airaid MXP intake tube size

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    When shopping for a CAI, I feel that a very important piece of info to consider when buying a CAI is the size of the intake tube

    Examples: PMAS=120mm, JLT=110mm, Stock=85mm, Roush=105mm w/out insert (85mm w/ insert)

    However, I could not find the measurement for the Airaid MXP intake tube size and non of the major after-market specialists could give me an answer. I even sent Airaid an Email asking for the intake tube specs, but they never responded. Its almost as if they don't want people to know. So I purchased an Airaid MXP and took the measurement the old fashioned way (tape measure)

    The tube that connects to the silicone coupler is 110mm.

    The MVT that connects to the coupler is 100mm.

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