Airaid Cold Air Intake Kit MXP Series With Blue SynthaMax Filter EcoBoost 2015

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    Airaid 453-326 Mustang MXP CAI Blue Synthamax EcoBoost 2.3L 15

    The all-new 2015 Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost is revolutionary in its design and power-plant, and Airaid decided to pull out all the stops to develop the best Cold Air Intake system for the all-new S550 platform. Building on Airaid’s very popular Cold Air Intakes for late-model Mustangs, Airaid’s new MXP-Series Cold Air Intake for the 2015 2.3L EcoBoost will surely deliver what performance enthusiasts demand.

    The new intake features a specially designed one-piece rotomolded intake box that draws cool outside air from the factory air duct location while having a unique shape that will promote airflow around the entire surface of the SynthaMax filter to help feed your turbo properly. The new air box design also utilizes a lid with a Plexiglass window that will add to your underhood styling while keeping the filter isolated from hot engine compartment air and will allow you to keep tabs on filter condition.

    Cold Air Kit Includes:
    - One-piece Rotomolded Intake Box
    - Plastic Intake Tube
    - Silicone Couplers
    - Stainless Steel Clamps
    - 1300-cfm Blue SynthaMax Dry Filter
    - Installation Hardware and Instructions

    SynthaMax Filter Features:
    - Plexiglass window to help keep track of filter condition
    - Oil free maintenance, which makes servicing easy
    - Washable and reusable
    - Unrivaled filtration efficiency, 99+% efficiency rating
    - 100% synthetic
    - Made in the USA
    - Lifetime warranty

    The new application-specific intake tube connects the air box assembly to the factory EcoBoost turbocharger. Designed to maximize airflow and eliminate restrictions, the 2.3L Ecoboost intake tube measures 3.5” in diameter at the Turbo Inlet to support other engine modifications while having a specially formed venturi to ensure accurate MAF sensor readings.

    By utilizing computer-aided design (CAD), Airaid Intakes offer an unmatched fit, finish, and a lifetime warranty. Each Airaid intake provides superior air filtration, this kit comes with an Airaid Premium Blue SynthaMax Filter that features their exclusive patented filter technology. Designed for high-performance applications, the MXP Intakes start with a new one piece roto-molded air box that addresses all the shortcomings of the restrictive factory design. Then Airaid adds a new air intake tube constructed of cross-linked, high-density Polyethylene that is designed using extensive computer modeling to maintain proper mass air flow readings and calibration.

    The MXP Series from Airaid represents the ultimate in Cold Air Induction systems on the market today. Order the Airaid MXP Series Cold Air Intake Kit with a Blue SynthaMax Filter for your 2015 Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost from CJ Pony Parts today!

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