2019 Mustang GT Runs [email protected] with a Stock Engine

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    VIKtor II
    2019 Mustang GT 10-Speed Automatic

    Race Weight: 3,850lbs with Driver
    ET: 8.72 @ 158mph with a 1.28 60ft (Second pass on the car)

    Three New World Records
    -Quickest and Fastest Supercharged 2018-2019 Mustang GT with a Stock Engine
    -Quickest Supercharged 2018-2019 Mustang GT
    -Lowest 60ft with a 10R80 Transmission

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    Car was Built and Tuned in 7 Days

    Modification List
    -Edelbrock 2650 TVS Supercharger
    -Evolution Performance 10-Rib Belt System by American Racing Solutions
    -Kong Performance CNC Supercharger Port
    -Kong Performance 112mm Throttle Body
    -Boundary High-Flow Anti-Cavitation Backing Plate
    -Ford Performance Billet Oil Pump Gears
    -Ford Performance Crank Sprocket
    -Ford Performance HD Primary Timing Chains
    -Ford Performance Upgraded Primary Chain Tensioners
    -Ford Performance Upgraded Secondary Chain Tensioners
    -Billet Secondary Tensioner Bracket
    -Accufab HD Secondary Timing Chains
    -Injector Dynamics ID1300 Fuel Injectors
    -Fore Innovations L2 Triple Pump Return Fuel System
    -Brisk Racing RR12S Spark Plugs
    -UPR Products Catch Can Oil Separator System
    -Stainless Works 2" Longtube Headers
    -Mcleod Upgraded 10R80 Clutches and Steels
    -Circle D Specialties 245mm Torque Converter
    -G-Force Engineering 3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft
    -Baer Front and Rear SS4+ "2.0" Drag Race Brakes
    -BMR Suspension and IRS Components
    -Viking Crusader Front Coilovers
    -Viking Crusader Rear Shocks
    -Steeda Drag Front K-Member
    -PNR Welding Ice Tank
    -EMP Intercooler Pump
    -Motion Raceworks Parachute Mount
    -Stroud Parachute
    -Stock Super 8.8" Rear
    -3.15 Gears
    -Weld Racing S70 18" Front Wheels
    -Mickey Thompson 28" Sportsman S/R Tires
    -Weld Racing S70 17" Rear Beadlock Wheels
    -Mickey Thompson 305/45R17 ET Street R Tires
    -Sunoco Racing E85R Fuel
    -Custom Tuned by Jon Jr of Lund Racing
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