2017 Mustang GT Performance Package For Sale


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Jan 3, 2021
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2017 Mustang GT
For sale is my 2017 Mustang GT with the performance package. I'm the 2nd owner, the car has a clean Carfax and I have a clean and clear title in hand. Full disclosure: I bought this car about two months ago. The only reason I'm selling is to put a down payment on a ZL1. I bought the car and realized I didn't do enough research and regretted it. I wanted to drive it a lot before winter just to make sure nothing wrong popped up that didn't when I looked at it and test drove it. I've put a little less than 1k miles on it since then and the car has started up with no issues every time, runs strong, and is in excellent condition. Based on the 1k miles I've put on it I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere.

- Pictures: I'll get more pictures in the morning. The only ones I have on my computer are from when I bought it. Nothing has changed between now and then though.

- Price: Asking $28k car only or $29.5k car + all extras I have listed below. Total for extras is a little over $2.2k and it's all brand new in box. I'd prefer to sell everything together before separating anything.

- Miles: 45,6xx and won't go up as it's garaged for winter.

- Maintenance: The car has a fresh PA inspection and emissions sticker if you live here. You can see in the Carfax that the original owner followed the recommended and routine maintenance religiously. Only thing I've done is an oil change. I do have trans and rear diff fluid, I was going to change it before taking it back out in the spring but here we are. If it sells I'll give you both fluids. Not sure if the trans and diff actually need to be changed, but with the clunkiness of the MT-82 I figured it'd be good either way to put BG Synchroshift in it and change the diff fluid since I'd be under there anyway.

- Modifications: Only mod is a Corsa Sport catback exhaust. Sounds good, not too loud and no rasp. Zero drone.

- Options: Just has the performance package.

- Warranty: The car still has 15k miles and/or 10 or 11 months left on the powertrain warranty. I have to double check when it expires but I think it's 10 months. This is why I put 1k miles on it, I wanted anything to pop up before it expires but the car has been good so far.

- Interior: I'd give the interior a 9/10. There's a very small wrinkle on the ass of the drivers seat. Everything else is in really good shape.

- Exterior: Exterior I'd say is a 7.5/10. Before I put it away I touched up the rock chips, washed, clay barred, polished, and waxed it. The car looks good but someone who's better at detailing could probably get it looking brand new. I don't use a buffer and do it by hand so that's why. Only real blemish on the paint is a small scuff below the license plate, the previous owner probably tapped a tow hitch or something it looks like. You can faintly see it on the rear end picture, right below the bottom left corner of the plate.

- Extras: I have a bunch of extra parts I was planning on putting on the car that can be negotiated into the deal. Everything is brand new in box. Includes: Steeda Sport Progressive lowering springs, Steeda front splitter, Eibach 25mm wheel spacers (was going to use these with the springs for a better stance), euro style clear rear tail lights, gloss black de-badged trunk lid, Ford Performance hood struts, Navos 8" OEM style plug and play head unit with Apple car play, and ZL1 add-ons rock guards for all 4 wheels.









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