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    I've decided to sell my GT350. I still love it but it's time to move on to something else.

    It currently has 13,171 miles and as you can see from the pics below, has a black roof and black stripes.

    The car has been extremely well cared for and has been maintained by me and the same certified Ford mechanic from the start. It was broken in properly and consequently it burns very little oil between oil changes. Less than a quart in my experience. The oil line recall was also performed and I've changed the oil more frequently than recommended and all the other fluids have been changed. I've used Amsoil for the engine oil since the pre 1000 mile oil change and I've replaced the tranny and diff fluids with RedLine products. Finally the brake fluid was recently flushed and replaced with Castrol SRF.

    The car is in perfect condition due in part to me having the entire car (yes the whole car) wrapped in SunTek PPF as soon as I bought it. Consequently, there are no scratches, rock chips, etc. No dings. Only a couple inconspicuous places where the film is nicked. You could pull the film off if you were so inclined and have factory fresh paint like you just rolled off the showroom floor. This cost about $4000 to have this done so I wouldn't suggest pulling the film off if it were me though. :)

    I have tracked the car twice as it was designed to do and I made a number of modifications to improve performance or safety. I don't plan to part the car out and return in back to stock. My hope is the right buyer will see the mods, appreciate them, and realize the money they are saving on not having to pay retail price for them or the labor to install and sort everything out.

    The mods are listed below but one of the most important is probably the 8" factory Nav and Sync 3 upgrade I performed. It bugged me that in 2016 you had to choose technology or on-track cooling. I obviously chose to go with the track pack for the cooling and the Recaro seats but once OEM Radio solutions starting putting together factory kits to upgrade cars I jumped on this. Now I have and you will have a 2016 car with 2017 or 2018 functionality. Nothing is different. Everything works as factory including the exhaust mode toggle switch.

    Other mods:

    Signature SV104 19" wheels in GT350R sizes with tracked Potenza RE71R tires in 305/30. These I'm including in the price but if you don't want them I'll drop the price by $2500. TPMS are included as well

    Watson roll bar with OEM GT350R rear seat delete

    Schroth 4-point ASM belts

    Fire extinguisher and seat mount

    ZL1 Front Tow Hook (Rear as well but it isn't installed)

    UPR and JLT catch cans - I had a problem with the passenger side UPR can so I switched to JLT for this side. These have been installed since the beginning.

    Granatelli coolant tank, JLT painted valve covers, and Redline hood struts

    Caliperflexion caliper studs to aid with brake pad changes

    OEM and Pagid RS29 brake pads

    Lund tune and NGauge

    Autoblip for automatic downshifts

    Lloyd mats, SPR pedal, alcantra shift/brake boots and console lid

    MGW shifter

    ARP wheel studs

    Ford Performance lowering springs with Steeds front chassis brace, and Vorshlag camber plates.

    LED interior lights, side markers, and backup light

    Resonator delete (Going to miss the sound of this car the most)

    Steeda jacking rails and clutch spring

    I have approximately $17K in mods and labor to install in this car. Now I don't expect to get all my money back on these but again hoping the right buyer will appreciate these and see the value. I do have all the original parts that will be included with the sale.

    So as far as price goes, I consider the car to be in excellent condition due to the wrap and mechanical status of the car. KBB says the car is worth $53K. Add in some money for the mods and I'm asking $59,500 for everything. I think that is very fair and again if you don't want the Signature wheels, $57K. The OEM wheels have like new PS3 305/35 tires as well.

    Here are the pics. If you want to hear or see anything else specifically just let me know. Happy to talk about the car live as well. Shipping is extra of course.

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    Signature wheels and Pagid brake pads are sold.

    $54K for car and remaining parts.

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