2015 Mustang TSW Nurburgring Matte Bronze Wheel

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Nov 15, 2012
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TSW 2010NUR405114Z76 Mustang Set of 4 Matte Bronze Wheels 2015

Today we are taking a closer look at TSW's Matte Bronze Nurburgring Wheels that Bill has put on his 2015 Mustang GT. If you are really looking to set your new 2015 apart from the rest, than you will want to check out these gorgeous matte bronze wheels.

These wheels are available in a square fitment, meaning, you will be able to have a nice 10” wide wheel at all four corners. Letting you properly rotate your wheels front to back and the appeal of having an aggressive stance and wide tires.

The TSW Nurburgring wheel is a one-piece rotary forged aluminum wheel, made to the highest standards of manufacturing. The Nurburgring wheel features seven Y-shaped spokes that extend outwards to the edge of the wheel. Features a Matte Bronze finish that can really complement the exterior of your Mustang, as you can see they really pop with the Deep Impact Blue.

The TSW Nurburgring wheels will clear the all available brake kits found on the 2015 Mustang, you will need a set of low profile lug nuts because the factory ones will not work with these wheels.

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