Sold: Florida 2010 Shelby GT500


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Oct 13, 2015
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Tampa, Florida
Shelby GT500
For sale $27,000

50,000 miles

Located in Tampa Florida

2010 Shelby GT500. I am the second owner of the car. I bought it in Sept 2010 with 9,000 miles on it from an older man that always wanted a Shelby Mustang. After his 9 months of ownership he missed his SUV and decided to sell the car. I bought it from him and have owned it ever since. It currently has right under 50,000 miles on it. It may hit 50,000 soon I try to drive it to car meets on the weekends.

I daily drove it up through 2015. In 2016 my wife and I moved to Germany and my brother stored the car for me at his house for almost 3 years. I returned to Tampa and have stored it in my garage. I travel and work from home, so I don’t drive it often. I just turned 40 and thought it is time for a change. I purchased a 2019 GT350R and now going to list my muscle car for sale.

The car is not exteriorly perfect. It has 50,000 miles on it and is 10 years old. It has some scratches and chips. I have provided pictures of them the best I could. The front edge of the hood has some corrosion starting, there is a light scuff on the front passenger bumper wheel arch, a scratch on the spoiler and rear bumper. I ceramic coated the car in 2019. I took pictures of these areas.

The ugly license plate frame is due to the original owner had a rear camera installed. The camera is in the license plate frame. The way its wired I would have to cut the camera wire to remove it. I haven’t.

Since this year I have been on lockdown I did a bunch of maintenance on the car to kill time. New belts, coolant flush/change, oil change, fuel filter change, new o2 sensors, brake pads, rotors, brake fluid flush, new battery, MAF sensor, crank sensor, EGR, spark plugs, fuel filter, PCV and I maybe forgetting somethings.

During the round of modifications in Jan 2018 the car was remotely tuned by Lund at Wolfpack Speed in Pa. I have this tune in the SCT tuner. Feb 1, 2021, I had Sam at Coastal Dyno here in Tampa data log it to make sure everything still looked good. He confirmed the tune is correct. When the car is cold it has a slight hesitation. Once warm everything is perfect.

Clean and clear title in my possession there is no loan on the car.

I have a folder, a bunch of email and soft copy receipts of everything done to the car.

Car Fax report and original window sticker included in Google drive along with lots of pictures.

The list of modifications

Engine and Drive Train
Take off 2.3 TVS – rebuilt in May 2020 by Jokerz. NOT ported
VMP 2.4 pulley
2013/14 injectors
JLT 123mm real carbon fiber intake tube
Ford Racing 62.5mm throttle body
VMP boost-a-pumps
Kooks long tube headers with catted x-pipe
KR mufflers

New 2013/14 Transmission in January 2019. I needed a new clutch after the TVS install and never liked how 2nd gear was in the stock trans.
New 2013/14 clutch, throw out bearing, aluminum master cylinder, stainless clutch line
MGW shifter Gen 1
2013/14 Carbon fiber drive shaft

Currently has a Lund tune in it

2013/14 Grill inserts
2013/14 Tail lights

LED lighting
2011/2012 Recaro seats. I transferred the water bladders and wiring. No air bag lights they are wired in properly.

Shelby Forged Super Snake wheels
Nitto Invo’s with 5000 miles on them 295/35 and 275/35

BMR lower control arms
BMR upper control arm and mount not installed yet

I have almost every stock part that has come off the car that will go with the car if the buyer wants the parts.






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