1. Which Weighted Shift Knob Weight to Go With?

    Hey guys, Help me make a decision! I'm looking to get a weighted shift knob, but I don't know which weight to go with. My choices are between these 3 all from Shift Solutions Co... BK-S 600 Grams BK-SH 460 Grams BK 700 Grams
  2. anarchy motive atlas shift knob

    Hey all, I have an anarchy motive atlas shift knob in anodized red with the EGA Marine Corps crest. I paid 100 new, will sell for 75 Shipped OBO. Marines get a deep discount with proof of service Oorah!
  3. Moddiction Navigation kit Special!! Free Moddiction weighted shift knob with purchase

    We are running a special for the next week or while supplies last. When you purchase one of our Moddiction 8" Navigation kits we are including a Moddiction weighted stainless steel shift knob in your choice of color. Regular pricing on these shift knobs varies from $86.99 to $91.99 shipped...
  4. Known weights of Cj's 50 anny shift knob..

    hey everyone, so i spent about three hours last night reading every forum i could find on the shift knob options we have. lots of good information and i didnt want to post new but could not seem to find any information regarding this.. does anyone know what the weight is of the 50 anny...