recaro seats

  1. 2020 Mustang base GT, Will 2015 Recaros fit?

    Hello I have a 2020 301a GT with cloth seats. I found a good deal on Leather recaros off a 2015 GT. Will these be direct plug and play? I’d definitely prefer not to have an airbag light on. I read that I can possibly switch the bladders in them? Would the bladders directly swap? Is this a...
  2. California WTB: Recaro seat covers front and rear with red stitching

    Looking for some red stitching recaro leather seat covers. Let me know what you have
  3. California WTB: OEM GT350 Recaro Seats

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase OEM GT350 Recaro Seats. Only driver's side is fine as well. Thanks!
  4. South Carolina WTB: Recaro seats for 2015 Mustang GT

    I purchased my 2015 Mustang GT when it was brand new in May of 2015. I didn't realize at the time that I would get addicted to HPDEs and PDSs and track the car several times a year. Now I am looking to upgrade from the stock leather seats (heated and cooled) to the Recaros. If anyone has any for...
  5. Maryland WTB: OEM Recaro Leather Take-Offs

    Whatever you have, shoot it over. Want to replace my current cloth Recaros and considering going with Katzkin, but want to see what's available first.
  6. California 2019 Mustang GT350 Recaro seats - Only driven for 600 miles

    For sale: Driver side and passenger seat from my 2019 Shelby GT350. Both seats are the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 OEM Recaro sport seat. The seats were pulled at under 600 miles, effectively making them new. There is zero wear and tear and they are in mint condition. My car is a dedicated...
  7. New 2019 GT350R owner coming from a Porsche 911 - first impressions!

    Hi everyone, thought I would join the forum after selling my Porsche and becoming a new owner of a 2019 GT350R on the same day - New Years eve. I sold my Porsche privately and bought from a local Texas Ford dealer the same day which is arguable the best day of the year to negotiate with dealers...