1. DW 400 Fuel pump

    Hey, I have a 2015 Mustang with Roush Supercharger. Sunday I upgraded to ID1050x, DW 400 Fuel pump, and the spark plugs. Since then when I go to start my car it takes me 5-10 to get it to start. It just cranks while fuel pressure builds up in the lines. I called DW they said it’s a bad check...
  2. Florida Vortech BAP

    Works perfect just upgraded to a fuel system. $150 shipped
  3. Nevada FS: Intercooler Pump w/ Pigtail for Whipple Supercharger

    Brand new never installed inter-cooler pump. Originally was bought for a stage 2 Whipple kit but it should work for other applications. Pigtail included. $120 pickup preferred but willing to negotiate shipping.
  4. Easy way to activate differential cooler pump during fluid change?

    I am changing my rear diff fluid with BG lube from Optimum Performance. I would like to activate the cooler pump to make for a more complete fluid change. I don't have any type of tool that could activate R_DIFF_PUMP PID. What type of scan tool can do this? Also, could you just connect a 12V...
  5. WTB: JMS Fuelmax BAP plug n play

    Looking for a JMS Fuelmax BAP with plug and play harnesses. PM me if you have one. Thanks