fuel rail

  1. Arizona Brand new Aeromotive 14130 red billet fuel rails for Coyote

    Hey team, Getting rid of some stuff from the parts room that I no longer need. Going with a different supercharger that is going to take a different rail. Never installed, no fuel has been through the rails, never even mocked up. $320 shipped or BRO.
  2. California 2018 Mustang GT Fuel Rail

    Came off my sold 2018 Mustang GT (Gen 3 Coyote) which was supercharged around 5k~ miles. Fuel Injectors only - $80 (SOLD) Fuel Rail only - $80 $140 for BOTH ($20 off) Local pick up only please. Located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County. (Carson, CA) Thank you.
  3. Fuel Rail 2 minute Tuesday ☠️🤘🏻

    Even pressure in a fuel system is key to optimum performance. Fuel rails are one of the more important components to a maintaining a healthy fuel system and one of the “must haves” for high horsepower boosted applications. #TeamLethal