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  1. 2019 Shelby GT350R

    2019 Shelby GT350R

    My ultimate Mustang: the car I waited my whole life for - in Velocity Blue! 5.2l Voodoo V8, 6 speed, magnetic dampers, Mustang 6G wheels shod with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (305/325) w/CF M Sport Cup 2s shod wheels racked in my garage. Ready for track duty (fully wrapped in clear vinyl).
  2. Lightning350


  3. How far should we upgrade?

    I have a 2016 GT350. I’ll take some criticism here, some fair, that it has the HPE 850 package by Hennessey on it. I had Lund and DBR completely re-do the tuning on the car to get it more dialed in. I have some carbon fiber upgrades going on as well both on interior and exterior. My plans are to...
  4. Carbon Fiber GT350 TrackPack styled spoiler

    Pre-order is now open for the carbon fiber GT350 Trackpack-styled spoiler. Quantity is limited, so secure if you are interested. www.carbondynamics.net :thumbsup: