1. Trevor@FatFab

    Fathouse Performance 900R GT500 Build | Pics & Video

    Hey guys! We just finished up another 2020 GT500 build here at the shop. This particular Shelby came in for our 900R supercharged package. The 900R package consists of the following: Injector Dynamics ID1300x Injectors Kooks Long Tube Headers Kooks Mid Pipe Stage 8 Locking Header Bolts...
  2. Mootang

    California FS: Fathouse Fabrications Light Battery Mount (Older Style)

    I have a used older style Fathouse Fabrications light battery mount. The newer one is a skeletal design. This came with a battery as a kit and will fit a Powersports AGM Battery ETX18L with the dimensions of 8.12"L x 3.56"W x 6.37"H. Comes with all hardware to mount in place of the OEM battery...
  3. Trevor@FatFab

    800R Twin Turbo GT350 vs 2020 GT500 Half Mile Racing | VIDEO

    A lot of people have been asking about how the 800R twin turbo GT350 would do against a new 2020 GT500. We decided to put it to the test and took a 800R turbo GT350 and our shop 2020 GT500 (stock) to the Shift Sector Half Mile event in Indy. Below is the race footage along with the dyno video...
  4. Trevor@FatFab

    2020 GT500 1000R Supercharged | 1002 whp

    Hey guys, We just finished our first 2020 GT500 1000R supercharged build The car picked up more than 320 whp over stock Stock: 680 whp 586 tq 1000R: 1002 whp 713 tq Tuned on e85 by Johnson Tuning 1000R Package Components: Kong Ported Supercharger Griptec Supercharger Pulley Kong 112mm...
  5. Trevor@FatFab

    [FatFab] 1200R Twin Turbo GT350 | 1318 whp | VIDEO inside!!

    Hey guys, We just finished up another 1200R twin turbo GT350 build here at the shop. On 22 psi the car made 1318 whp and 909 tq Our 1200R package includes: Hand built stainless steel turbo headers Full custom stainless steel exhaust, no mufflers (aggressive sound) Precision tig welding...