1. 17GTeuro


    I have a corsa sport cat back (touring mufflers) with about 20k miles on them up for trade for corsa extreme cat back (sport mufflers). Let’s make a deal!
  2. 17GTeuro


    I’m running corsa sports on my GT, really looking to swap for some extremes! If anyone would make a deal, let me know. Hoping for local in Vegas or close, but if the deal is right, let’s make it happen!
  3. JakeLethal

    Corsa Performance Catbacks Now Available for the 2020 Shelby GT500!

    We're excited to announce the release of the Corsa Performance catback exhaust system for the 2020 Shelby GT500. The Corsa catback system for the 2020 Shelby GT500 is offered with either a Double Helixx X pipe or the Double HH pipe and with your choice of polished, black or gunmetal tips. These...
  4. shitstang01

    Po171 System to Lean Bank 1

    Just replaced both 02 Sensors yesterday car finally seems to be reading but not maybe adjusting for some reason. I started noticing when I brake or begin to come to a stop (braking) or sometimes even randomly driving my AFR surges between 17-20 for a decent amount of time this normal ? I...
  5. West Virginia WTB: Corsa Double Helix X-pipe

    I am looking for the a used Corsa double helix X-pipe for sale. Pm me offers
  6. KT3

    [MODS] Before & After Transformation

    Hello all, So I managed to do more than I wanted on my car this summer. Honestly, the only thing left to do is drop a stage 2 whipple in there.. Mods: JLT CAI, Corsa Xtreme Headers Xtreme Sound Corsa Xtreme Cat-back exhaust Dyno tuned (480whp ~) SVE R350 Rims - 19x10 / 19x11 // 285/305...
  7. Alabama WTB axleback exhaust

    Looking to buy a used axleback exhaust set up. Ford performance, borla, Corsa, open to anything with medium to high loudness. Already have H pipe installed. Currently in North Mississippi. Willing to drive for the right deal!
  8. Zeeshanhussain

    Borla atak or Corsa xtreme cat back?

    Hi, I know this question has been posted a few times but I can't decide which is best. The Borla Atak or Corsa Xtreme cat back? I really like the sound of the W204 6.2L C63 AMG and would love something that sounds similar for my 2020 Mustang gt. What do you guys think would be the best way to...
  9. North Carolina Corsa Active mufflers

    I am selling my corsa active mufflers from my 2019 GT, only around 2000 miles on them. Will not come with the actuators from mine, you should have your own to use with them from your stock mufflers. Polished tips, no dents or anything, the tips will be cleaned beforehand as well. Asking $1000...
  10. Tom@Lethal

    First Official sound clip of the Lethal Performance exclusive Corsa DOUBLE HH pipe!

    HERE WE GO! Check out some quick clips from our YouTube channel of #logiebear's 2020 Mustang GT equipped with our NEW (and exclusive) Corsa Performance HH-pipe setup paired with their 2018+ Active Exhaust. #TeamLethal What do you think?!
  11. I bought the Corsa Extreme, received something else... Help me decide

    Hi, I need some help to determine what catback it is that I have, I will provide sound clips below My car is a 2020 Mustang GT Euro (speedometer is km/h), and all the sound clips below are recorded in Track mode So I bought this catback from eBay, and it's supposed to be the "Sport to Extreme"...
  12. Michigan 2016 Ford Mustang GT PP (LOTS of Extras)

    Up for sale is my MINT 2016 Mustang 6-speed Performance Pack Mustang GT with 30k miles for $27,500! I am the second owner and have maintained this car properly along with the first owner whom I am friends with that owns a reputable detail shop in Cleveland Ohio. Zero accidents, zero repainted...
  13. CBass2288

    California F/T Corsa Xtreme Catback/Sport Axleback (Have) for Corsa Sport Catback/Touring Axle Back (Want)

    I currently have a Corsa Xtreme Catback, which comes with the Sport mufflers, and I am looking to trade for the Touring mufflers, which comes on either the Sport catback or the Touring axleback. So if you have the Corsa Sport Catback or the Corsa Touring Axleback, you've got what I want and I am...
  14. CBass2288

    Resonator Suggestions?

    Hey guys, currently I'm running Corsa headers (catless) with the Corsa Xtreme. I love the sound but the volume is a little much to daily drive and there's a CRAZY rasp between 2200-3000. I'm looking for suggestions of what resonators to add that will minimize the rasp but not kill the tone and...
  15. Supreme_5.0

    Pairing H Pipe With Corsa Sport AB

    I’m new to the mod game, and I would like to pair up the Corsa Sport Axle Back (with active exhaust) with an H pipe to get a deeper sound and less rasp. With that being said, does anyone have any advice on what H pipe would pair best with the Corsa AB in terms of ease of installation? Are...
  16. Adamrak

    New Jersey WTB Corsa Xtreme Catback 18-19 GT

    Looking to buy a used Corsa Xtreme catback for my 2018 PP1 GT. I don't have the active exhaust option and I don't plan on setting it up either. Either chrome or black tips are fine (although leaning towards black). Please reach out if you're selling one. If near NJ, I'd be willing to drive...
  17. GT Corsa Extreme

    I have a Corsa Extreme cat back for a 2015-2017 mustang gt with polished tips. X pipe was cut by previous owner and welded a magnaflow I had the double helix put back together does not affect fitment/ sound in any way. Asking price is 900 obo prefer to sell local, located in Arizona
  18. Evolution Performance

    Pennsylvania FS: 2018-2019 Mustang GT Corsa 3" Catback Exhaust System For Active Exhaust with Polished Tips

    I have a barely used (1,800 Miles) Corsa 3" Catback Exhaust System (Sport to Xtreme Sound Levels) with Polished Tips for the 2018-2019 Mustang GT with Active Exhaust $1,500.00
  19. Jonspeed

    Washington 2015 Mustang GT Premium w/Perf Package- Whipple SC + Many Mods

    Hello, Interested in selling my car, serious inquires only please. No joy rides/ and test drives only with cash/check in hand. We are expecting another child and are doing home renovations. My loss is your gain, I've barely driven this car after all these mods due to personal issues and since...
  20. Florida 2015+ Corsa Sport full catback with Black polished tips for sale Jacksonville, FL $950 OBO

    Hi folks - My name is James - I am selling my Corsa Sport full catback exhaust with polished black tips on Craigslist and wanted to make sure it was on the radar of anyone in the North Florida/South Georgia area here on the forum who was interested! I traded in my mustang a few months back and...