1. Hear me out... How excessive is TOO excessive when buying a pre-owned GT

    Hey ya'll it's been a wild ride. Started with a 2000 Rav4 to a 2010 Toyota Matrix to a 2013 Dodge Dart to a 2016 Mustang v6 to a 2016 Mustang GT to a 2022 TLX to a 2022 Genesis G70 3.3t... aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm back in the market for a Mustang GT. Feel free to browse my previous post history about...
  2. Looking for 2020 GT350 Owners Supplement

    Hello, I bought a 2020 GT350, but it did not come with the owners supplement that has the crankshaft display. I was wondering if anyone wanted to sell me there owners supplement package. I am looking for a 2020 because that is the year I have. PM me or reply on here and let me know what you are...
  3. South Carolina Looking for: Unmarried HPTuners Ngauge

    Looking for an unmarried/new HPtuners nGauge.
  4. Buying RTR Gurney Flap

    Hello! I am looking to buy a RTR Gurney Flap. If you have one let me know asap, I am located in North Carolina. Thank you!
  5. California Color Changing DRLs

    Price: $120 SHIPPED. recently went back to OEM lights, I’m selling my color changing DRLS boards for 18+ mustang. everything works perfectly, no issues. Direct plug in These have the Bluetooth as well. here is the link where I purchased from...
  6. koni 8241 1293sport

    Anyone know anywhere I can by a single koni 8241 1293sport? Need one for my rear driver side but don't particularly want to buy a whole set
  7. Poll Inside - Buying a GT350: Used 2017 or new 2018???

    Please post the reasoning for your choice below, thanks! Hi All, Looking for opinions from the forum. I've finally committed to buying a GT350, but I'm torn between buying a used 2017 (specifically to get an avalanche gray) or a new 2018. Prices aren't that far apart. My sole desire for a...
  8. WTB- Spoiler

    I'm looking to purchase a spoiler for my car. Ideally, I would like a track pack like the gt350 but am open to any others you may be selling. Just seeing if anyone has one before I buy new. TIA
  9. 2015+ GT350/R Inventory List

    Sharing this inventory list I created just in case you're looking in buying a GT350/R. I personally created it for myself since I'm looking in getting a GT350 but I hope it'll serve you guys well. Let me know your feedback about it, or what you would like to see in it...
  10. Used 2015 GT Premium

    Hey guys hope you enjoyed the holidays. I am kind of new here but been reading on these forums for about a year. So I am ready to pull the trigger on this used 2015 Mustang GT Premium in CO 6sp Manual. The dealerships asking price is $29,900 and this is my first time buying a car out of...