19" wheels

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  3. Relak

    (4) PROJECT 6GR SEVEN Satin Graphite R-SPEC

    Selling 4 Project6GR Seven rims in Satin Graphite Finish. These are the R-SPEC rims to give a really aggressive stance. Specifications are 19x11Front/19x11.5Rear, 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern, 70.6mm CB. Rim faces are in excellent condition, no cracks/bends/chips, and with a fresh wash these things will...
  4. 2017 Shelby GT350 (Non-R) Wheel Fitment

    Hello, First and foremost, I want to thank you in advance for your help. Any information given would be appreciated. I have a client of mine that's inquiring about wheels. He has stock setup, wheels and suspension, so 19x10.5 et25 / 19x11 et35 from what I was able to gather. He's looking...
  5. Need4SpeedMotors

    MRR Design wheels Authorized dealer: M600 M350 FS01 FS02 | Mustang S550 fitments

    Introducing the MRR Wheels Model: Flow Forged Series | Ground Force Series | GT Series | HR Series | Roderick Series | Euro Tek Series Need 4 Speed Motorsports & MRR Wheels: Fusion of History & Passion We have been an authorized MRR dealer and service center since 2005. Through the years...
  6. Need4SpeedMotors

    Your Go to Source for Avant Garde M310 M510 M540 M550 M580 M590 wheels

    "] Get Your Wheels from the #1 Avant Garde Wheels Distributor in Southern California Need 4 Speed Motorsports ! NEED 4 SPEED MOTORSPORTS & AVANT GARDE WHEELS Need 4 Speed Motorsports is an Authorized Avant Garde wheels Distributor located within only 21 miles of Avant Garde...