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I'm not happy that there's no power ratings, even though Ford tends to overstate them, and be the ONLY manufacturer to rate its performance vehicles on 93 fuel,hence the over-rated power, when everyone else is rated at 91 fuel. So tobe realistic to the competition, deduct 10-12 hp & tq from the release numbers for real world comparison. Plus, with the added 45-60 lbs with new standard features, normally found on premium models, is Ford going for a heavy weight record? We want a lighter, more nimble car not a barge for boulevard cruising. And are the Dull, Dim DRL LED's going to be addressed at some point? The front of the car is so, lifeless. Nobody to date has made an effort to "brighten" this car's weakness, its dim Almost to skinny, tri-bar DRL's. I suspect Ford will be playing catch up with Camaro yet again, with 440 hp on 91 fuel. It is currently 425 hp. And 300 hp in ecostang. The weight increase will finally push a base mustang gt to 2009 GT500 weight, at 3825 lbs. My 2013 GT stick was 3622 lbs full fluids on the scale. Add me in and it was 3802 lbs. I wish Ford would focus on their customers and not waste billions of $$ on autonomous vehicles and Artificial Intelligence. This is the new world order coming to fruition.
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