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Thanks for posting this guys! So excited to see this, now I just want more details! Really hope there's some teaser or reveal on October 17th, that would help with my impatience.

Originally Posted by Twin Turbo View Post
No need to install those rear window louvres, @Bullitt
Yeah that's a detail I wasn't expecting because in the leaked teasers I didn't see any. I'm assuming they'll be the same ones from the 50th LE cars, which are subtle and would go unnoticed. I always thought they looked good!

Originally Posted by Medsport View Post
nice, but 56k? come on. Its at least 10k overpriced and a good 15k out of my budget. I wonder if they will offer it in base with a manual? Seems like the bullet should be manual only.
In the post it says to disregard the price because it's inaccurate. I've heard it'll be under 50k (possibly well under 50k).

Originally Posted by Ace View Post
Just an idea, but I really hope that Ford uses the digital cluster for the Bullitt and gives the digital gauges it a really cool retro theme.
Yeah, the 401A package is listed on this window sticker but who knows if that's all of them or just an option. Really hope they do something special with the gauges (analog or digital) for the Bullitt.
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