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Thumbs up BMR's "CB005" S550 IRS Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit - PICS & INFO!

So, due to the overwhelming emails, messages and calls about this kit - I decided to make this thread to show you guys what our CB005 Kit is.

When we first got out S550 Mustangs and started ripping it apart, I knew that a large portion of the market would want a "plug and play" kit for the rear IRS cradle on these cars. So the team and I got to work!

Fast forward to now, and we have tested not only 4 different unique designs of this kit, but also the competitors product as well.

What we have come up with, is a kit that focuses on practically "locking" the cradle out. This kit reduces fore, aft and vertical movement of the cradle SUBSTANTIALLY, just about as good as it will get without replacing the bushings. It also does a great job at centering the cradle, AND it adds a nice convenient jacking point out back.

First, here is a shot of the prototype kit we have been testing, and finalized our design with. *Production has started.

The Red Braces replace the OEM Cradle Plates. They center the cradle, and add support to the lower portion of the sleeve that is locked out atop the bushing on the chassis side. These also add a jacking point.

Between the Brace and the bushing housing, we add a thick HD Steel washer to lock the vertical movement of the front cradle mounts out.

For the rear bushings, in OEM form they tend to want to move substantially (vertically) and causing a rocking motion for the cradle. In other words, if this is not addressed, the cradle "bounces" around like CRAZY under WOT acceleration and corner entrance/exit. This vertical lock-out washer basically accomplishes the same thing that the competitors bolt-together 2-piece wedges do. Props to their design, we truly like it. We just wanted to make our product entirely different, and make it as easy as just remove the bolt, put in place, and re-install the bolt.

As you can see, the thick steel plate forms down and over/around the OEM Washer flange and applies pressure to the OEM steel sleeves.

Since the we lock the top out with the aluminum top hats - this piece locks the bottom out.

We are on pace to start taking orders and shipping these kits out in about 2-3 weeks. Pricing is TBD.

Thanks M6G!

PS - Like stated above, this is the raw prototype test kit we have been using. PRODUCTION PIECES WILL BE FINISHED AND BE OF MUCH NICER APPEARANCE AND QUALITY.


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