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The big question now is if, like so much Mustang engineering before, the S550 will start to noticeably age around 10k miles as all prior Mustangs do. Aged bushings, squeaky body, tired aircon, worn (fake) leather, worn transmission, etc. This is the difference between a cheap car and a well engineered car and the reason people move on.
Problems like the transmission (noisy), diff (grinding) and shocks (loose) in my 9k mile '13 Boss, the blown engine in my '03 Cobra (casting sand in the engine block!, and a factory tune that took Ford a year to get right - fortunately I didn't have an early one with the T56 problems or the bad head casting), the worn out bushings in my '99 Cobra (something it took until 2003 to get right, and then there was the engine's intake and exhaust issues), the lost synchros in my '96 Cobra (if they were ever there in the first place, the first-year T-45 was very poorly engineered - and then there was the terrible cooling system which couldn't deal with hot rush hour traffic much less track use), the broken seat frame in my '94 Cobra (SVT engineered a distinct magnesium frame, which broke), or many more examples. The worst of this can be blamed on SVT's lousy engineering, and their only doing delta testing instead of the entire set, but even then the base car has had numerous and fundamental cheap design, engineering, and testing issues.
I trust that the "new" Ford has done a much better job engineering the new car.... but I'll let it sort out for a year first. While the new GT is an ->|incremental|<- step up from my Boss (fixing much of what's inherently wrong with it), it isn't enough of a step up given what's coming. And it's also nice to see that Ford is for the first time ever testing the Mustang on the Nurburgring (the cruise around it in the GT500 was purely for marketing, no engineering was done). The question remains if anything was changed from that testing or if it's just a signoff.
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