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Originally Posted by S550Boss View Post
Here's the complete story, in two parts, all verified by the actual Ford insiders who worked on the IRS for SN95 and S197 at that time.
As they say, all's well that ends well, and we finally have an IRS in the car standard, 10 years late and 16 after one was first an option (which I had, twice). What the old Ford Motor Company set out to do several times before, and failed to set in stone for 2005, has finally come to pass in 2015. And it's a good job, too.
Now, if only this could be merged with MT's story.

MT's story is more of a summary on all previous Mustang IRS attempts, while this really dives into the cold, hard facts of the SN95 experiments, and the S197 IRS that almost was.

In any case, the IRS is here to stay for 15MY and beyond!
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