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Originally Posted by Entai View Post
but I do have to giggle when a lot of the doubters start coming around and saying, "well its growing on me " and often come full circle, to " I actually really like it now" .
Not ashamed to admit I was one I was on the fence about ordering a GT & it was just before the first shots of the 18 came out so obviously I held fire, planning to make my decision purely based on the whether or not I preferred the looks of the face lift. I'm sure most of you will remember that rolling video of an Orange Fury (I think), which looked like a soft naff yellow and first impressions were "WTF is that", but now I really do like it - equally as nice as the 15-17 in my eyes, defo more aggressive & as you say, the sharp angles really stand out.

Black stripes with black pins - sorry for the naff pics, but you can see the effect on magnetic. I think it looks really cool
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