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Originally Posted by avocet View Post
I found a graphic and wrap installers near to me and they have quoted about 400 inc vat for stripes either in the GT 350 style or the MY 18 off set style.Not sure what colours to use on a magnetic but double black stripe with white or silver pinstripe seems popular.My last venture with this with my 15 left me fuming as they got hairs trapped underneath and it all had to come off again.
Any help with colours or guide on pricing would be appreciated.
Hey Ted, pricing seems about right. I was quoted about 450 IIRC a while back for custom wide OTT matte black stripes.

18 is a little more tricky IMO with the hood vents sitting a little closer to the middle, means you can't go quite as wide. Personally I think gloss or matte would look good, but would lean towards gloss on the MY18. I actually think a same colour pin stripe would look good - with a 5-10mm gap in between.

I'm sure Tom won't mind me sharing - here are the wide stripes with white pins - which are damn pretty
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