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I just switch out the 160 Even Flo for a 170 Reische and wow what a difference.
First I took out the 160 Even Flo and put both in a pot of water. The even flo opened up 10 degrees before the 170 and I thought crap, this wont help.

I then installed the 170 T Stat and used the clamp method with a big plastic bag under the hoses. I caught about a QT of coolant, with very little leaking on the floor.

I then put everything back together and added the fluid that I caught in the bag and started it up, no leaks then took a long drive, and what a difference. I don't think the hot water test in a pot has any thing to do with how they work in the Mustang as my temps were significantly lower with the Reische 170 then the Even Flo 160.

Even Flo I was seeing ECT temps of 199 all the time and CHT temps of 205-215 actually saw 218 once.
Reische 170 so far the highest I saw was ECT temps of 180 mostly 178 during my drive, CHT temps were 185-187 max.

Temp outside was 33 today but I have drove the car in snow with temps in the 30's with the 160 T Stat and still saw the temps as described above. The coolant temps were as reported my NGauge and the CHT was reported in the ford Gauges menu.

Hope this helps.
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