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Originally Posted by sigintel View Post
There is a history of saving money on hot climate testing only to spend more than they saved on warranty repairs, bad press, and loss of grass roots motorsports users to 1LE cars.

Would you agree that Ford did not WANT these to happen:
1. Tech pack GT350s going into limp
2. GT PP cars needing aftermarket differential, oil, trans coolers
3. All the 2015-2016 AC evaporator failures when the temperatures go up and the higher system pressure results in refrigerant leaking into the cabin
1. Personally, I think that's the consumers fault for not understanding the packages that existed at that time. Probably also a shortcoming on Ford Marketing not doing a better job of differentiating the difference in capabilities between the packages.

2. I'm not familiar with issues pertaining to Mustang GT's, I don't pay much attention to them. I do think we have to ask what % of the consumer base is actually pushing these cars to that level of performance on track and if there is a even business case to satisfy such a small group of individuals.

3. Sounds more like a supplier issue to me. That said, there are always issues with a brand new generation of car, so I'm not that surprised.

Frankly, at this point, I'm sure Ford has had a chance to read all the negative feedback about the supercharged GM cars. In fact, they probably have a few of their own in the fleet for comparison. Look at the level of performance the GT350 Track Pack and GT350R are capable of, I have no doubt that Ford Performance knows what they are doing.
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