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  1. Florida 2018 Mustang GT 6SPD PP1 Premium w/ tons of goodies!

    10/10 would bang...GLWS!
  2. I found a Antimatter unicorn and it is yours at MSRP

    it was probably a done deal by time i reached out then, i never got a reply from them. the other dealers(cheapest was 121k btw) got back to me immediately lol.
  3. I found a Antimatter unicorn and it is yours at MSRP

    did you end up with it? congrats if so!
  4. I found a Antimatter unicorn and it is yours at MSRP

    this car is gone, was no longer on the site as of a couple days ago
  5. 2020 GT500 CFTP Iconic Silver, no stripes.

    ooowee that stripeless iconic is hawt!! congrats man
  6. GT 500 CFTP VS ZL1 1LE

    If you’re referring to the blue car in that video, that appears to be an SS 1LE, not a ZL1 or ZLE. That said, with engine work, that’s still gonna be a beast on track.
  7. Six Yrs Later - C8 Z06 finally tries to copy Voodoo

    It does seem to take away from the uniqueness aspect when they are adding counterweights, changing firing order, single intake…i cant find the article now, but i felt it explained some voodoo FPC compromises pretty well. This Z06 sounds like it revs much faster, but we have no idea if it even...
  8. 2019 vs 2020 GT350R - Worth the differences?

    My non R 350 tramlined so much worse than my ZLE its crazy. This is a 305 front/325 rear. I know it’s a different car, but i am not as quick to lay blame straight to the width now. But can i explain further? Lol nope
  9. 170 MPH on public roads ?

    This is how some of the rural highways are here too. This video reminds me of some of my old R6 rides. The people living in those houses close-ish to the road are likely used to it lol. He wasn’t putting anyone at risk besides himself for the most part.
  10. HELP. GT350 Crank Re-learn

    It’s crazy to me the car can run that badly without the relearn, but I‘ve felt it lol. Still makes me cringe. she made 646 on a mustang dyno, but with heat issues...fingers crossed my coolant reservoir just needs to finish burping(only driven twice since swap). I didn’t do a pulley simply to...
  11. The 2020 Shelby GT500 Shrine

    guys, word of warning...they took the salt out of this box and took that step outta the directions. if you skip it, you will be eating brown mush. carry on.
  12. HELP. GT350 Crank Re-learn

    Still loving it, just got it back from tuner...literally yesterday...after dad and i installed a cam/headers...she’s rowdy to say the least lol my heart is still with the mustang though, i heard a new edge GT start up today that sounded so good i wanted to go shake the guy’s hand, but i was in...
  13. HELP. GT350 Crank Re-learn

    this is probably not going to be helpful since my work done was an engine, but mine threw misfire codes and ran terrible on 2 separate occasions due to... 1)crank relearn not being done lol 2) they didn't plug up 2 sensors on the back of the intake, in all fairness they are pretty hard to see...
  14. 1/4 mile drag times 2020 GT500 post them share them.

    Thanks! As suspected, I love it
  15. 1/4 mile drag times 2020 GT500 post them share them.

    if that's the SV602 can we get a side shot by chance?? nice run
  16. Lund Flex Tune and learning question

    when i used the nGauge it would light up green when ready to go could still drive the car beforehand, but no WOT until completely learned. and it never took 10 minutes.
  17. Is There a New Warranty on a Replacement GT350 Engine?

    I’m guessing here, but i would think that would be a hard no, as that warranty job was completed with a different owner. i had to start a case with ford, and then stay in contact with a regional rep to get anything done. also, from reading throughout the various interwebs, it appears ford...
  18. Is There a New Warranty on a Replacement GT350 Engine?

    i was given a choice of bumper to bumper 5yr/75k or powertrain 7yr/100k...and they said the new owner would be responsible for paying small fee at the dealer to transfer. my guess would be the previous owner didn't fight for anything and just had the motor replaced.
  19. Prices are on the rise......

    Yep just can't do it right now. I'd understood more had they not done a 21 model...but you can order those currently. I can't fathom paying 80k for an 18 model with 20k miles, when I can order a brand new one for low 90s. I'd read a Stat a few months ago...used prices across the board were up...