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  1. My New GT350 (Shadow Black) Intro

    Thank you! Love it every day and even more now on E85! Also switched to Amsoil and overall the car after 500 miles since E85/Amsoil everything just feels BETTER!
  2. My New GT350 (Shadow Black) Intro

    I love the M-X series best! M-X1 might be next but staying 20" Smallest sizes we offer is 19" only. No plans just yet for 18" forged options.
  3. My New GT350 (Shadow Black) Intro

    Finally added my JLT Carbon Fiber (Hydrodipped) Intake with Lund Racing "Flex Tune" to run E85. No other mods besides GTHAUS Catback being added soon.
  4. Amsoil oil discount?

    Been using Motorcraft last 6 months since i got my car new Dec 2017. Switching to Amsoil also. Just became a preffered member and ordered 2 cases of 5W50. Great deal!
  5. GTHaus exhaust?

    Had their system on my G37 & GTR and have now ordered it for my 2017 GT350. I should have it within the next few weeks and also ordered the Lund Racing Tune to run E85. My only other mods will be my JLT Carbon Fiber Intake. No plans for long tube headers. I really want to see how it sounds first...
  6. JLT Carbon Fiber GT350 Intake (Brand New)

    Decided not to install. Your choice of a Blue or Red filter since I bought two. $420 Shipped with everything included needed for install. Message me if interested or email [email protected]
  7. For Sale: brand New JLT CF Intake

    Bump. Still available.
  8. 18 GT350 oil line leak?

    Easy fix. I ordered the line myself for my 2017 and swapped it out because I didn't want the dealer touching my car. 6K miles later and the issue never came back!
  9. My New GT350 (Shadow Black) Intro

    20" lowered with 30 series tires is certainly my cup of tea :headband:
  10. My New GT350 (Shadow Black) Intro

    The GT-R is certainly quicker with a FBO/E85 setup. My 2013 Black Edition was fun with FBO/E85 and I enjoyed the 600+ AWHP from 2,500 miles until 63K in less than 2 years. The GT-R is great but I grew tired of it and the more common they got here in South, Fl the less I wanted to keep it. It was...
  11. For Sale: brand New JLT CF Intake

    Bump! Still for sale. If interested email or PM me :)
  12. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    What a TEASE! Love it.
  13. Back in the Ford Family!!

    Congrats! Beautiful color.
  14. For Sale: brand New JLT CF Intake

    Still available. $400 shipped takes.
  15. My New GT350 (Shadow Black) Intro

    Gorgeous! Thank you :) Samson is 15 months old and we got him from a family in Montana (@OmegaShepherds) who breads them. Had him since he was 3 months old.
  16. The ford performance air filter

    Great filter! Just replaced OEM with this also.