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  1. New Member from Ohio

    Welcome man! I'm also in the Cincinnati area. I run a mustang group on FB if your interested. PM me for details.
  2. Ohio Thread

    @Scooter MGee I saw you out washing the car. I would have stopped if I didn't have groceries.
  3. Ohio Thread

    Nice to know... I've been filling up at the one on kings mill myself.
  4. Ohio Thread

    When it gets warm out a bunch of mustang guys meet up at the Cabelas over in Liberty usually on Tue nights.
  5. Ohio Thread

    Contact Brandon over at BA Motorsports. If he can't do it he will know someone that can.
  6. Ohio Thread

    The E85 quality may not be as good of a % of ethanol. I need to go test it honestly to see for myself.
  7. Ohio Thread

    I would fill up on the e85 there and datalog it. Send it back over to lund to make sure everything looks good. Unfortunately I don't think there are any station near us that have a true 85%.
  8. Ohio Thread

    I use the gas buddy app on my phone. You can search stations strictly by E85. My last tune I was lucky to get 100-150 miles in before I had to fill up again on E85.
  9. Ohio Thread

    the one over on Branch Hill
  10. Ohio Thread

    I think the closest Kroger to us with E85 is in Loveland.
  11. Ohio Thread

    No, I have not checked it yet. I got a new E85 tune coming too with the new mustang. I have the kit. I just need to go up there.
  12. Ohio Thread

    I've heard bad thing about the speedway in South Lebanon. I've been meaning to go up there with my test kit and check the E85. I usually fill up at the speedway up on Kings Mill for E85. Didn't know Meijer had E85 available. Is it the one near Fields Ertle ?
  13. MAK Procharger Inlet

    I finally received my Mak inlet. 1 week later my car git totaled before I could install it. If anyone is looking for one send me a message.
  14. Do you Daily your Mustang?

    I daily drove my 01 Cobra years ago and loved it. This one is not daily driven, but I do take it out every chance I get.
  15. Ohio Thread

    I pretty sure I seen your car at the GEG .
  16. Procharger GT350 Charge Pipe

    Saturday morning from 9am - Noon
  17. Procharger GT350 Charge Pipe

    appreciate it man! I'd like to see your car some time. Good show this weekend at Grainworks in West Chester. You should come out.
  18. Procharger GT350 Charge Pipe

    So I'm in the process of installing the new charge pipe from the GT350 which moves the MAF from the intercooler to the charge pipe. Does anyone have a picture for reference showing the MAF ? I was lining everything up last night and it appears the only way it installs is with the MAF pointing...
  19. Ohio Thread

    I won't be able to make this one. Working on the car tonight to install some upgrades. Cars and coffee meet tomorrow morning at Liberty off 75.
  20. Wiring harness

    can anyone give me a part# or tell me what this harness is called. It comes directly through the firewall behind the clutch pedal. Car is 2017 mustang gt premium. Found spliced wire here and now car will not start. Need help solving this ASAP.