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  1. Off with the stripes - Mach 1 graphics removed

    Forgestar F14

    These are some crispy photos. What camera did you use?
  3. Stirring the pot, but why do people list their transmission?

    I mention my transmission so people know that my car is king ding-a-ling and that I can't shift a MANs-mission (Joking). But I feel like it started really becoming a thing with the 10R80/10L80's. Just something about the difference between the 10 speed auto and the 6 speed manual.
  4. Bullitt went Tango Uniform last night

    Maybe the fuel pump isn't pushing enough pressure to keep the lines up. A buddy of mine picked up a regular GT and it started doing a similar thing at about 40mph. It turned out that the fuel pump was a factory defect. I suspect you might have the same issue.
  5. ISO Tuning help for Long Tube Headers

    This is one of those times that you need to make a decision. Unfortunately no tuner that I know of currently support 100% emission testing. With that being said, you can either stick with the headers and try to find a way around it. Your best bet being either Lund Racing or Palm Beach Dyno. Or...
  6. 2018+ xforce long tube headers

    Yeah it sucks that its the passenger side but you might actually need to pop that pipe into place. Will the bracket actually sit over the holes or is it because you can't get the bracket behind the piping?
  7. 2018+ xforce long tube headers

    If its possible, post some pictures of what is blocking you from placing the bracket on. I've done this install a couple of times. Jack the motor up, and try shimmying it to the driver side. Be mindful of the steering shaft though.

    It’s a US spec car, I’m stationed here in Germany till December!
  9. Exhaust Note Video List - Summarized in First Post

    2020 Mustang GT, MAK Pipes, Magnaflow Tru-X, Factory Active Exhaust. 93 octane Lund Tune. Let me know what ya'll think of it!
  10. GRABBER LIME S550 MUSTANG thread

    Ugh, such a sexy green.
  11. HP Mach 1 WITH front splitter installed!!

    I take back what I said. Those are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, they just look really bad on the outside but it's because they're semi slicks.
  12. HP Mach 1 WITH front splitter installed!!

    Wow... Take it to the dealership, I highly doubt you spent 17 miles doing burnouts with those tires. They look super bad on the fronts.
  13. HP Mach 1 WITH front splitter installed!!

    Nice, I like that splitter. But them front tires looking a little rough. You been tracking it?
  14. anything else needed for a blower kit? (centrifugal)

    I'm not to well versed into the boosted world. But from my understanding is that if you're going anything over 750whp you'll need a fuel system that supports E85, some injectors, spark plugs, and pump E85 in your local area. As well as a tune from someone that'll support it. I believe you might...
  15. PP1 Wheel Spacers

    I think its 20mm rear and 25mm front, I might be wrong though. I'm sure American Muscle has pictures of people running them .
  16. Active exhaust eliminator for 2019 GT

    I found one
  17. Another Exhaust Question:

    Hey guys, I've tried searching for this one but nobody seems to have this combo and I just want to get a grasp at how it'll sound. The combination is MAK/Lethal "Free Flowing Exhaust", X pipe, & Borla axle back (active). I'm trying to get a grasp at how it'll sound between the different modes...
  18. Catback vs axle back+ mid pipe

    Something I've noticed between a buddies and another is that it seems that a full 2.5 inch seems to get raspier a little faster than a full 3 inch exhaust. For example, a buddy of mine has the Borla S type axle back (active) and SR performance X pipe. Compared to another car that has the Borla S...
  19. Active exhaust eliminator for 2019 GT

    Just use Forscan to disable active exhaust. I don't think anyone makes something like that for the regular GT's.
  20. GRABBER LIME S550 MUSTANG thread

    I love the sights of Germany!