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  1. Automatic or Manual

    Only with the right molded rubber. Bias ply. Haha.
  2. Tune for Road Course

    Really ? All the tunes out there are street tunes. A tune is a tune. Don't matter if it's street, track, 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, or Nurburgring. IF anything they may tweak your 10R80. get ahold of @Flyhalf
  3. Electric Mustangs = End of road racing’s future?

    And I'd have to call complete BS on that one, unless the barely go WOT.. or whatever term is correct for EV's.
  4. Electric Mustangs = End of road racing’s future?

    EV's are 1 lap hail mary machines. They can't go rounds. Race a tesla plaid, then immediately race it again and compare times.
  5. Challenger beats Mustang in sales.........

    Pony car. Long nose, short deck, 'sporty styling', 2 door, 4 seater, under 111" wheelbase. List of Pony cars: AMC Javelin (1968–1974) Chevrolet Camaro (1967–2002; 2010–present) Dodge Challenger (1970–1974; 2008–present) Ford Mustang (1965–present) Mercury Capri (1979–1986) Mercury Cougar...
  6. Mach 1 - First Oil Change - Filter Inspection

    Whatever is more fitting haha
  7. Illinois Steeda Billet Shifter Bushing Bracket

    Waiting for a paypal invoice, then it's sold.
  8. Had enough of aftermarket CAI & HIGH IAT's. So here's my fix.

    I'd ask Nick but facebook gave me the boot for 30 days haha
  9. Mach 1 - First Oil Change - Filter Inspection

    Damn.. didn't think to look and see if this was the parts bin car section.. my bad.
  10. H Pipe vs X Pipe vs Y Pipe

    If that's the case I'll buy em.
  11. Automatic or Manual

    Need to see some Grabber Blue nail polish haha.
  12. Automatic or Manual

    Wait until/if you boost it, you'll grow to hate the 10R80 real quick haha.
  13. Automatic or Manual

    With the 10R80 4th & 5th have a distinct advantage over the MT82 by way of rev drop. 6R80 all gears are at a disadvantage to the MT82, except for first. Back to the 10R80 4th & 5th gear it's like 1300 rpm higher in the RPM band. I'd call that a huge A-D-V-A-N-T-A-G-E.
  14. Automatic or Manual

    Just figured 10's NA would be easier to run low 9's with a centri.. I'm 2/10ths away from my NA goal, and I'm sure as shit gonna try my darndest for a low 9 with the MANual haha.
  15. Automatic or Manual

    Anywhere in the 10's haha. Then I'll let the centri do the talking !
  16. Challenger beats Mustang in sales.........

    Brothers from another mother.
  17. Automatic or Manual

    Absolutely. I raced a 14 GT500, VMP blower, TH400.. he kicked my arse. Haha. Goal for me is 10's NA, don't care where in the 10's, once done, a big ole centri is what I'm gonna get, then I'll run him again.
  18. '18 3.73 PP Diff whine

    The coast side preload is out of spec. I installed a set of FORD PERFORMANCE 3.73 into my 8.8. I paid particular attention to the coast side. No noises for 3500 miles now. Tell whoever installed them to get it right.
  19. Bad idle after tune installation

    Yeah me to, shit idle, shit drivability. 100 % blame on my tuner, Matt. He use to have his own business (that's when I got my tune), couldn't cut it and went to work at VMP, guess he couldn't cut it or got fired from there, now who knows where that bum is. Went to a known good backup tune.
  20. Automatic or Manual

    HA ! I wish !