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  1. Random thoughts.......................

    and 23 years on your back.
  2. Bat Soup” or “Bad Science” in Wuhan?

    I wish more people would take your view. I see way to much wishing of harm on others. It’s not enough to simply disagree anymore. People want punishment for the dissenting view. Very sad.
  3. Go by dealer sticker or oil change monitor in computer?

    I guess I don’t understand. All you have to look at is the estimated wear on the oil. It doesn’t have to be accurate, just accurate enough to not destroy your product under warranty. I don’t see why Ford wouldn’t considering the complexity of these engine management systems. Looks super simple...
  4. What did you do to your residence today?

    From the steady stream of water it spits out it seems to be working great. I looked for awhile at different brands and just came to the conclusion if I get 5 years out of it I will be happy regardless of the brand. Wish me luck. I wish mine only heated up to 85. It is well insulated but the...
  5. What did you do to your residence today?

    Thank you. I put it in since my dehumidifier was dying and A/C seemed like a good side effect of keeping everything from rusting. Have you had much experience with Pioneer?
  6. Go by dealer sticker or oil change monitor in computer?

    I am sure they just built a little algorithm that takes RPM,load,temp, and time into account. You could do it on a spread sheet if you had the inputs. Super easy.
  7. What did you do to your residence today?

    Buttoned up this little 2 ton lifesaver at the shop.
  8. Bat Soup” or “Bad Science” in Wuhan?

    I can’t even laugh at this level of propaganda. Emotion kills conversation. At least she pick up a whole load of Instagram followers.
  9. Fox coupe Gen2 swap

    Is there anyway I can talk you into leaving it on there. It looks BA.
  10. Random thoughts.......................

    I think 2068 will be just as bad. A lot of ones will be owed.
  11. its been nice being here!

    I am very sorry. This is your time now. You do whatever is the best for you and your family. Thank you for sharing this so we can all learn.
  12. Bat Soup” or “Bad Science” in Wuhan?

    An outbreak of chocolat-ee goodness you say?
  13. Procharged 2014 overheating issue HELP NEEDED

    If he turns in the heater and the temps don’t come down we can rule out air flow since the heater is going to add 20% to the cooling capacity. That 40 year mechanic buddy of mine uses the heater to diagnose cooling systems. Beyond the visual inspection that’s the first thing he does on a ride...
  14. Random thoughts.......................

    Fun you say that. The wife and I were driving around aimlessly this morning and passed by the liquor store. Two work trucks stacked with ladder had coolers out there putting ice in with the cases of beer right beside them. Morning drinker are also referred to as painters (no offense if anyone is...
  15. 2018 Mustang GT - Alternator Dead?

    The charging system on these cars is controlled by the computer. It bounces around driving depending on load. Anywhere between 12.x-14.x during cruising is normal. Should run high when getting on it. You should be good.
  16. Fox coupe Gen2 swap

    The anticipation builds.......
  17. Good price for 2021 Mustang Gt pp1?

    Low to mid 40s would be a good buy.
  18. LUND racing divorcing SCT tuners

    I just want something I don’t have to drag a laptop with to tune or flash another tune. Any ideas?