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  1. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    Carvana says $28,900 for my 2015 base manual GT with 28,500 miles on it. I got this car in November 2014 and it's treated me well and I paid about 32k for it back in the day with the Ford X Plan deal. It'll get picked up in a couple weeks. Not gonna be fun putting back the OEM headers and stock...
  2. You know you drive a S550 Mustang when...

    when you gotta warn people it's gonna be really loud
  3. Bk050 BMR diff bushings

    I don't have any videos handy. In 6th gear when I'm cruising along at around 60mph it sounds like a small vacuum cleaner, but I've gotten used to it. I'm not sure if you also have headers, but cruising in 6th gear is when the car is most quiet so the whine from bushings becomes noticeable.
  4. Bk050 BMR diff bushings

    I have about 4 years on the solid aluminum diff bushings. It's been trouble free since.
  5. Anti Hop Ideas

    I don't have wheel hop, but you could do vertical links last. I installed a number of BMR stuff( i took a sawzall to all the rubber diff mounts and installed solid aluminum bushings, lca bearings , ford racing toe/knuckle bushing, cb005, and vertical links. Its been a very long time since I did...
  6. Help, Shop header install fail

    After seeing the pictures, for your safety, double check the engine mounts and the other fasteners.
  7. Rear Differential Vented

    It's been a few years since I removed my diff cover but, there's one vent line for the differential which goes from an aluminum barbed end at the top of the diff cover, up to the top of the cradle with a plastic clip, up to the rear passenger wheel-well and it hangs open to the atmosphere up by...
  8. DSS 2000 halfshafts

    Interesting. I looked at some old pictures I have on hand of my Ford Racing ones, and from my crappy pictures they both look the same overall length. I had a tape measure in the background showing them both at about 36 inches.
  9. How much should getting the rear LCA bearings swapped cost

    I got quotes from shops with presses and eventually found one that wanted 50 bucks to do the two knuckles and two lower control arms. I helped a bit and it took about an hour and a half to complete the process on a 6 ton Harbor Freight press.
  10. Flywheel torque spec?

    My 2015 service manual says: 30301C Engine 5.0L 32V TiVCT/ 5.0L TiVCT V8 (308kW/418PS) 2015 Mustang Removal and Installation Procedure revision date: 02/10/2015 Removal 1. Remove the clutch disc. Refer to: Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate 5.0L 32V TiVCT (30801 Clutch, Removal and Installation)...
  11. Wheel hop. Spent more money in repairs then mods smh

    After shearing a diff bolt with the black inserts in the street, I made sure it would never happen again because the repair was very time intensive for me. With solid aluminum diff bushings, and all the other suspension mods in my signature, I cannot make my car hop even in the winter when I...
  12. Just looking fro more low end torque

    17" wheels with a short tire helped me
  13. Who has this buzz in their 15-17 GT?

    If you still have the factory exhaust clamp underneath the driver's seat, make sure it's really tight.
  14. "upgrading" to gt350 axles.

    Use two pry bars placed opposite each other and pry both together at the same time if you haven't already. I wasn't able to pop them out with one pry bar alone. When I used two tire spoons, the halfshafts popped out easily.
  15. Axle spacer ring needed for aftermarket axles?

    My Ford Racing ones didn't come with a spacer. I wonder if aftermarket halfshafts are a slightly different dimension to not need the spacer compared to stock. What's interesting is the slight slop along the axis of the halfshafts when installed in the diff.
  16. Question for those with Ford Racing Halfshafts

    I remember a while back, BMR posted a video of a '15+ Mustang up on a lift and someone slowly twisting the halfshafts back and forth by hand and getting lots of clunking from the differential. Perhaps it's backlash. Mine especially clunks when coasting, letting off the gas and tipping back in...
  17. Holes in mufflers and a crease in exhaust pipe

    It just depends on where the mating point is. If it doesn't slip over, it could be a good opportunity to clean up the old work.
  18. Holes in mufflers and a crease in exhaust pipe

    The exhaust is supposed to be supported by the exhaust hangers. I don't know if the exhaust hangers were custom welded to fit, but if they were, the welder probably burned through the mufflers when welding the hanger rods on. A speed bump might have shaken it free.
  19. Holes in mufflers and a crease in exhaust pipe

    Maybe the exhaust hangers got yanked out of the mufflers. The crease might have happened if there are no longer exhaust hangers and the mufflers are free and dangling.
  20. which drag wheels for 15 mustang?