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  1. Nevada Automotive Authority Performance Spare

    $250. Rim & Tire only. Brand new paid $410 eight months ago. Buyer must be local to Las Vegas area or within driving distance. Shipping cost is too prohibitive.
  2. Mobility kit vs. Spare tire

    Good info 👍. Just FYI the AA spare does not need spacers.
  3. Mobility kit vs. Spare tire

    I have the AA spare it's a quality piece.
  4. Mobility kit vs. Spare tire

    Probably not worth it unless you live within driving distance of the common location. Shipping would offset the discount.
  5. Mobility kit vs. Spare tire

    I do also, but you really want your car towed because of a flat tire?
  6. Mobility kit vs. Spare tire

    Yes this was mentioned a while back didn't go anywhere.
  7. Exhaust MyMode Question

    You are correct. I tried to set sport throttle mapping with comfort steering. No can do.
  8. Mobility kit vs. Spare tire

    Great info. I already had a jack and just bought the Ford lug wrench. Good to know for future purchases though.
  9. Steeda Bullitt Tune

    You're certainly fortunate to live near the facility. I'll have to settle for an email tune.
  10. Steeda Bullitt Tune

    Yes they can deny any repair If it's connected with an aftermarket tune. I've heard they can tell there is was a tune even if it's put back to stock. That's not to say that your whole bumper to bumper warranty is voided. For example, say a a power window motor goes. That would still be covered...
  11. Steeda Bullitt Tune

    Thanks TJ
  12. Steeda Bullitt Tune

    This is on the site: Purchase of this item enrolls you in the Lifetime Tunes Program. To read more about the Lifetime Tunes Program , Click Here. This is a little confusing because if you click that link there is a price for the program. Lifetime updates as long as it's the same vehicle. I...
  13. Steeda Bullitt Tune

    James seems to be the man. Back in the day I remember Lund as the Ford guru.
  14. Steeda Bullitt Tune

    It's funny you say that. I put a Bama tune in my f250 years back and I didn't care for it too much.
  15. Steeda Bullitt Tune

    Maybe this has been asked before but does anyone have experience with the Steeda Bullitt tune? Worth it?
  16. Bullitt "Dog Bowl" exorcised

    I think your set up is clean but I think the "dog bowl" lol looks good on an otherwise de-badged car. I'm also of the opinion Brembos should be red no matter what the color the car is. And... Won't it be a little bumpy on square tires?
  17. Mfg. recommended tire pressure

    I keep mine at 35 all the time. I don't feel any difference from the recommended 32 PSI. That's odd that you're slipping more with the lower tire pressure. You think it would be the opposite.
  18. Green oil for k&n filter?

    I've had a Green filter. It's well made and flows well, but like others have said, we really don't need it on our cars. If you want it for aesthetics fine but it really won't be of any benefit functionally.
  19. Much less torque after 6000-6200 rpm normal or issue?

    Can I ask about how much that set you back install included? That's the only way I would go.