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  1. Coast2coast cars

    I collected it in person
  2. Coast2coast cars

    Haven’t used them recently, but bought my current mustang through them, great service and no money goes through them as all payments go direct to the Ford Main Dealer, don’t think you could get a better service or price, would buy another through them 👍
  3. Lotus Emira, stunning

    Must admit did like the look of it when launched, also thought it was cheap at £60k, so spoke to a Lotus dealer and they thought a V6 would be £75k+, which is closing in on GT500 territory in my mind, so thought I would give it a miss
  4. New Ford Retail Tracking Website

    Flat rock has been shut down for quite a long time with the chip shortage and this will be slowing down production
  5. New Ford Retail Tracking Website

    Might not be built yet, but if you want to send me your vin I can probably find out what stage your cars at
  6. New Ford Retail Tracking Website

    Never had a problem with it, always worked for all the Mustang’s I have tried
  7. New Ford Retail Tracking Website

    If you put your vin in n here It will give the build date if it’s been built
  8. Good Insurers - Supercharged Mustang GT

    Try Adrian Flux, they were cheaper than Aplan
  9. Are these DRL's any good?

    Have no idea, but I have Diode Dynamics DRL with Demon Eyes
  10. Considering H-Pipe + Active Exhaust

    Had this installed on mine, really like the sound of, a nice deeper tone, but I recently replaced with a double x pipe and a Corsa Sport valved exhaust, what difference that has made 😎
  11. Carbon fibre interior pieces

    yes that’ looks good 👍
  12. Carbon fibre interior pieces

    Thanks, I purchased the steering wheel from China, think you will find quite a few on eBay now, yes installed it myself fairly easy install just need a fine screwdriver to unhook the airbag, everything else after that is fairly simple
  13. Carbon fibre interior pieces

    Yes very easy, you start with the bottom bits at each side and work your way along, you should know mods never seem to end on a Mustang 😀
  14. Carbon fibre interior pieces

    The biggest difference I found was having the dash dipped and changing the steering wheel
  15. Mustang Photo Thread

    Coming on nicely 💚
  16. NEED FOR GREEN S550 MUSTANG thread

    Here’s a picture when it was being sprayed, but it does not have the ram air ducting fitted
  17. NEED FOR GREEN S550 MUSTANG thread

    I managed to pick mine up used but it’s a Cervini hood
  18. After some inspiration - wheels, bonnets etc

    Project 6GR wheels, these are 20” but they also do 19”