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  1. Ordered cars

    I ordered March 8th and received my VIN on March 26th
  2. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    I work at the dealer, so most likely I’ll be here when it arrives hahaha
  3. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    Well the ETA on the customer tracker changed to 7/31 last night and the visibility report is showing 7/25-7/31. A little annoying, but I was expecting it. I’m just glad they gave me enough time to reschedule with my PPF installer.
  4. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    That’s what FP told me on 7/2, that main assembly was complete on 6/29 and it would be going to Penske, and might take up to three weeks for painted stripes. It would be nice if the customer tracker and dealer visibility report reflected that though lol
  5. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    From the painted stripes I’ve seen in person, it’s worth the time they take to do them. I’ve been extremely patient through the entire process. Just getting a little antsy after placing the order over four months ago and having my dealer sell my Hellcat and Corvette three months ago haha. At...
  6. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    2302. Thanks!
  7. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    Hopefully they can see it through. My blend date was 6/29 with customer tracker showing ETA of 7/17. Visibility report hasn’t been updated since 7/7, but at that time the status was “released to body company” and the ETA was 7/11-7/17. I’m just concerned the shutdown could affect shipment if the...
  8. Ordered cars

    I ordered mine 3/8. Twister orange GT500 CFTP with painted stripes. Blend date is 6/29. My GM showed me yesterday it’s in body shop status. I asked our sales manager today if there was any change, and he said they usually updates statues on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Not sure how much additional...
  9. New Car Day!

    What are you referring to as the handling pack? It looks like maybe you are talking about the front splitter, which comes bubble wrapped and shipped in the car. If so, installation is included and the dealer is paid for it from Ford when they do the PDI. Make sure they install it, and correctly...
  10. CFTP rear seat un-delete

    Seats from Ford are one thing you never want to try and price. I’ve been in Ford parts for 27 years and Ford has never sold a complete seat unless it’s involved in fire and theft and you have a police report ( and then its limited to like 4 or 5 years). So you need to price every cushion, cover...
  11. List of CFTP for Sale

    The CFTP I have ordered will be MSRP. Of course, it helps that I’m the Parts Manager for the dealer and in the last five years I’ve worked for them I’ve purchased seven vehicles including an 18 Challenger Hellcat, 18 GT350, 18 Raptor and a 19 GT350R.

    Thanks! I agree, you can’t go wrong no matter what stripes you order. When I first bought the Kona blue 18, I let my brother drive it and he fell in love. My GM at my dealer located one for him identical, but with black stripes. His won the vote in my friends FB poll though 🤬😂. I didn’t think...

    My beautiful 19 GT350R. Little did I know I would be purchasing it 30 days after delivery. But working for the dealer, it wore me down staring back at me from the showroom My new one on the right and my trade-in 18 on the left Stablemates Murica’
  14. Battery?

    I have a 2019. Factory battery had a black label and was 390 cca. Motorcraft replacement has red label and 470 cca.
  15. Theres something wrong with my battery or electrical system.

    The batteries are covered under the 3/36 base warranty. However, if you have the battery replaced say six months before the 3/36 expires, there is no warranty period after the base warranty expires. Ford has also recently changed their warranties on customer pay batteries. They carry a 3 year...
  16. Any Ford Service Department.

    Same here. Not on all work, but our transmission and diesel work are booked out that long. My Raptor has been on the rack for a week now getting the transmission repaired.
  17. Deep Sleep Mode?

    You are lucky you got yours started. I never bothered to plug in my battery tender over the winter, and when I went out last week mine did the same thing. The deltran tender wouldn’t recognize the battery as being connected. I tried connecting my charger/booster and everything went haywire like...
  18. 2021 GT500 Order Banks Now Open! List Your Order

    Was finally able to get my order placed on 3/8. VIN was assigned today. Assigned build week 5/10. Twister Orange, Kona Blue painted stripes, CFTP, Tech pack.
  19. Recalled shifter replaced (with pictures)

    IT shouldn’t take any more time to install than the factory shifter.
  20. Never received GT350 Owners Supplement

    Ah the old component of Ford’s favorite excuses for backordered parts, along with tooling issues and unanticipated demand. They know how many cars they plan to produce each year. There’s no reason they should not have the owners supplements ready to ship to the buyer once the car...