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  1. Eagle Squadron Mustang GT Honoring WWII Pilots Debuting at Goodwood, Driven by Junior

    Sorry I attached the wrong link.
  2. Eagle Squadron Mustang GT Honoring WWII Pilots Debuting at Goodwood, Driven by Junior

    I thought I should expand on the pilot I mentioned who flew from RAF Tangmere, just down the road from Goodwood. Before the 3 Eagle Sqadrons were formed (Sep 1940) a number of Americans joined the RAF. Billy Fiske, an Olympic Bobsleigh champion, was one of these pilots who then fought in the...
  3. Uneven tyre wear; insides on both fronts on GT

    The first set on mine were worn out by a variety of journalists, including Rory off Top Gear and the lovely Sabine (also made my drivers seat squeak). I'd love to find out which prat of a Jorno put out over 60psi in the tyres and reset the system so that it didn't register. Ford didn't...
  4. Eagle Squadron Mustang GT Honoring WWII Pilots Debuting at Goodwood, Driven by Junior

    As I pointed out a couple of years ago to Andy Barratt and Ford UKs Press team the origin of the name Mustang for the WW2 fighter is British. Which in turn means that as the car is more likely to be named after the plane than horse the British can take credit for it! The plane was designed...
  5. Uneven tyre wear; insides on both fronts on GT

    Thanks to everyone for the good advice. I'll get a set of MPS4S to match the rears and get a full alignment done. I'll post some photos of the tyres and provide the results of the aligment. Then off to have a very frank chat with my local dealer! Hopefully see some of you on 16th July...
  6. Uneven tyre wear; insides on both fronts on GT

    Hi, I wondered if anyone else has had problems with very heavy/uneven wear to the inside edge on both fronts (Pirelli PZeros). My local Hendy Ford has told me there is no camber adjustment and that tracking within spec. They only thing they are suggesting is to add some 'toe out' when I...
  7. Steeda Driving Experience 3 - MY2018 First Impressions

    Ford's Supercharged Ruby Red GT - chassis number I wondered if anyone had taken a photo or noted the chassis number. I am interested as I suspect that it might be my original UCL (87) order, which suffered a ding in transit.
  8. Mustang on Top Gear

    I must admit that whilst I still prefer Grand Tour the premise of the final episode was distasteful. Wasting food and not interacting with the locals was a really poor idea. I'm surprised there hasn't been more unfavourable comments about it. Some of it was genuinely funny however that...
  9. Mustang on Top Gear

    WARNING. If you let Sabine Scmidt drive your Mustang be prepared for your drivers seat to squeak afterwards. I think it has something to do with those firm German thighs and high speed cornering. See the video below which probably explains why my seat squeaks after it came back from Top...
  10. Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    As was discussed in the previous Michelin PS4S thread I managed to get a set of rears for £446.43 from my local F1 Autocentre. Makes it cheaper than Camskill when you factor in the fitting, just. Massive difference from the Pirelli. Only problem is now no excuse to not use it in most...
  11. Mustang Only Track day - Goodwood - DATE CHANGED: Monday 16th July

    I live near the track and up there often, so if anyone needs any local advice give me a shout. I won't do the track part, as waiting until warranty expires, but will certainly pop in on the day.
  12. Michelin PS4S

    Thanks for info. It will be interesting to see what people say about handling and grip with a full set.
  13. Michelin PS4S

    Spider, just checked website and you're right they do have them listed. I would ring before ordering to be certain though. Still have loads of tread on PZeros on the front so OK for now.
  14. Michelin PS4S

    Whoops just noticed my own typo. Price was £443.68.
  15. Michelin PS4S

    MPS4S fitted, great price Formula One autocentres Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S now fitted to the rears on my GT, too few miles yet to say anything about handling and grip. Got a great deal which I have detailed below.:) After much ringing around found my local (Chichester) branch of Formula...
  16. Michelin PS4S

    Enoch, Cheers for the info; that's a hell of a saving. Certainly shows the value of the forum. :cheers: Now wondering if I should go to Cumbria to collect in person, to 'save' on delivery! Quite fancy a road trip over Christmas.
  17. Michelin PS4S

    I have been looking at getting hold of some PS4S for my GT as the PZeros (rears 275s on stock wheels) are down to about 3mm and I'm not enjoying the lack of grip. Last winter on full tread was tolerable if at times 'ring twitching'; now I think they are a liability. I've done about 6k on...
  18. Avoid AA tyres - changing appointment times

    Hi, Not sure if they even do tyres we might stick on a Stang, but had such a bad experience I wanted to warn others. Booked appointment for Fri afternoon; some Conti's for my Golf only a couple of quid cheaper than Kwik Fit but mobile service. They rang yesterday and told my daughter...
  19. Video of Sabine Schmitz taking TY GT around Dunsfold

    Wife just found another one on You Tube, in English and she says how much she likes it. [ame]
  20. Video of Sabine Schmitz taking TY GT around Dunsfold

    After just saying on the Top Gear thread that I couldn't find any video of her doing Press rides a few weeks ago I found this. Look at the constant grin; explains here pro Mustang comment on the TG website.