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  1. Best Dashcam

    You can't go wrong with a BlackVue. Not the cheapest option though.
  2. Help: '18 GT has clicking noise when I turn steering wheel

    As you can see from this thread's history, I have been battling this issue for two years. A year or so ago I replaced the spring plates and upper shock mounts, and torqued everything related that could be found to spec. This seemed to fix the problem for about 3 or 4 months. It has steadily...
  3. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    Those look amazing, I look forward to seeing more pics. What model are they? I went to SVF's website, and I don't see a model that looks exactly like those.
  4. 2018+ GT Manual Crunch when engaging clutch in High RPM Shifts

    This is probably the thread: Mine does this, I am still waiting for a definitive cause / solution.
  5. jacking rails

    100%. Get them.
  6. Easy Front Pony Removal!!!

    Just curious, what emblem did you go with, OEM or other?
  7. 2018 GT 6MT Grinding Noise When Releasing the Clutch

    This is exactly my thoughts. I also had a 2015. I've got 7,200 miles on the clock, I really need to take it in, just can't get the time.
  8. No remote start on manual 2019?

    I totally agree. However, I wouldn't use the word lavished if you're down here in August. LOL
  9. Help: '18 GT has clicking noise when I turn steering wheel

    I'm going to try to locate it this weekend also. Just in case anyone was wondering, it will make the "clicking" sound with the hood open as well.
  10. Help: '18 GT has clicking noise when I turn steering wheel

    Definitely waiting on info. I need to fix this annoying issue.
  11. Did you lease your GT? If so please post details.

    Can we all just agree that long term (4+ years), buying makes the most financial sense. However for the person that absolutely will get a new vehicle every 3 years, that leasing will usually work out better. I've done both many times, and see advantages to both.
  12. Close-call thread (Dash Cam)

    Does this count as a close call? LOL
  13. Weak warm/hot starts

    My 2015 and my 2018 have both done this from time to time.
  14. Help on smell after a good rev

    Same here. Both my 2015 and my 2018 have done it their whole lives.
  15. 2018 GT 6MT Grinding Noise When Releasing the Clutch

    Well I've got a quick update. I've got 3,200 miles on the clock. Car has been driven hard, but not beat on since about 500 miles. I've got two facts to share: - The problem is still there, and is still easily repeatable under the same conditions. - The amount of NVH with each instance is...
  16. NEW '15-'17 GT Engine Cover and Rail Covers

    SOLD These are sold. I will fix the post. Thanks
  17. Why Ford is keeping the Mustang

    I went from a 1991 Foxbody 5.0 to a 1994 Probe GT. I liked it, but I wish today's "slap a turbo on anything" tech existed back then.
  18. STOCK 2017 5.0 COVER

    Just put this up, if you're still looking.