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  1. Sold my GT500 back to my dealer

    Vroom offered me 38K on my GT that paid $29K last year... Had to say goodbye and hope to get a GT 350 sometime.
  2. Wisconsin

    Was awesome meeting up!! By the time I walked back from the Carousel the store was already closed. I'll have to get a ride with your crazy ass some other time. Lol
  3. Wisconsin

    Road America. I’m in you.
  4. Wisconsin

    She's still on the fence. She might go shopping while I come hang out for few hours.
  5. Wisconsin

    I might swing up that way Mustang-less, but it would nice to see the track. Probably bring the gf along so she can she more of the hobby that doesn't interest her. :crackup:
  6. Wisconsin

    I'm from Northwest Milwaukee area.
  7. Pennsylvania 2018 Mustang GT PP1 6-speed 6457 miles

    Just did my car on Vroom... 38K for 2018 GT PP1 car... I'll take it. Lol
  8. Tuners dissappearing [closed due to politics discussions]

    The Government has been going after auto companies for decades for Clean Air Violations. Watch the episode of Dirty Money-Bad NOx on Netflix. Volkswagen's greed to become the #1 Automaker had them create a cheat device to fool those doing the testing that their "Clean Diesel" cars were meeting...
  9. Help: Headers vs High flow cats for 2018

    Looking for an "off road" header. Stainless Power has the O2 sensors angled so they won't foul out from E85.

    I don't own a trailer, but if all else fails maybe check out Tom's Trailers in Menomonee Falls, WI.
  11. SE Wisconsin area

    Born and raised in Lansing.
  12. Road America HPDS

    I'm hoping to get out to Road America for my first HPDE this year. Being from Michigan, GingerMan was a place I went to a lot when I was younger. Now that I picked up my GT I want to get back the track and have fun!!
  13. SE Wisconsin area

    Hello everyone, I moved here from Michigan in 2019. Came here in a 18' Ecoboost. Traded it in for a 18' GT Premium. My hopes are to be able to get out and enjoy the nice weather soon and maybe do a track day at Road America. Just Northwest of Milwaukee.
  14. Michigan Livernois mycalibrator touch w/ jlt cai 2018-19 gt

    Still have the calibrator?
  15. Wisconsin Corsa 3in Extreme Catback Exhuast for 18-20 GT

    I will entertain fair offers. :rockon:
  16. Wisconsin Corsa 3in Extreme Catback Exhuast for 18-20 GT

    Extreme it is!! Thanks for the tip!!
  17. Wisconsin Corsa 3in Extreme Catback Exhuast for 18-20 GT

    Selling a Corsa 3in Extreme Catback Exhaust. Exhaust was on the car when I bought it from the dealership. Currently live in an apartment complex and don't want to get complaints so I switched for a quieter exhaust. Will come with all clamps needed to bolt on to your car. Due to weight, I will...
  18. Nemesis's Garage

    Nemesis's Garage

  19. Wisconsin Sto N Sho Front License Plate Bracket for 2018-19 Performance Pack or 19 Bullitt Mustangs

    Selling a brand new never used Sto N Sho front license plate bracket for 2018-19 Performance Pack 1 GT's or 19 Bullitt Mustangs. Unfortunately my new '18 GT has holes in the front bumper so I'm going to run the factory bracket. Retails for $87 on AM, selling for $75 shipped. PayPal Only!!