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  1. 2023 Z06 FPC teased - via audio

    Yup. Been following along.. Flat plane goodness.
  2. ~ New 2019 Mustang GT Owner ~

    Welcome. You chose the correct transmission. 😁
  3. CTS-V vs Charger Widebody Hellcat

    Only if coupe. No 4 doors for me thanks.
  4. CTS-V vs Charger Widebody Hellcat

    I want a CTS-V in the worst way!
  5. Track attack insurance?

    I got the insurance for my GT350 Track Attack coming up in November.
  6. I received a special delivery from Ford about my Bronco.....

    Agreed. Nice gesture and a personal touch.
  7. Mach 1s Land @ Granger in Velocity Blue and Jet Fighter Gray

    Welcome to the forum Jay. This dealership sounds awesome!
  8. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Washed it and covered it. Several motorcycle trips over the next few weeks.
  9. Is it huge downgrade to trade in my 2020 GT350 for a Stinger?

    Am I the only moron that's never heard of a stinger? 😄
  10. Anyone on here going to own up to this

    Fun while it lasted. Gonna give more ammo to the hellkitty boys for sure. 😄
  11. 2020 GT350 GT350R VIN Spreadsheet Thread

    I just added 5552126 to the GT350 Other spreadsheet. L1315 purchased NEW from North Country Ford on 3/3/2021
  12. Any M6G Members own boats or watercraft?

    Yamaha Waverunner. It'll pull me on one ski. My gf lives on a private lake. No public access.
  13. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    First wash with ppf and ceramic coating on. Sooooo easy to dry!!
  14. Mac & Cheese Ice Cream

    Another thing that nobody asked for. Kinda like the Mach E. 😆