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  1. After some inspiration - wheels, bonnets etc

    The wheels look great. the black pony badge you can get from Ford it’s only about £35. There’s the part number in my thread some where
  2. SVE R350 19" wheels

    1400 ono
  3. SVE R350 19" wheels

    £1495 ono
  4. SVE R350 19" wheels

    nope, just bolt on and go.
  5. Standard Black GT Wheels and tyres

    Full set of Wheels and tyres 19" with Vredestein Ultrac Vorti tyres with great tread 1 wheel has some slight kerb rash other 3 look fine. £495.00 or nearest offer Collection Wakefield just of Junction 39 M1 07540 896 437
  6. SVE R350 19" wheels

    Selling my spare set of wheels from the 200mph Mustang now the car has sold. Wheels are SVE R350's from LMR. Fronts are 19x10 with 275/40/19 rears are 19 x11 with 305/35/19 Tyres are Michelins front and rear with only a few hundred miles on them. There are no TPM sensors in the wheels as...
  7. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    Small update, the Mustang has sold. It went last Thursday to its new owner who is going to be cutting up. The day after I bought this...
  8. ----SOLD---- 200 mph Mustang GT for sale

    There 19’s not 20’s
  9. ----SOLD---- 200 mph Mustang GT for sale

    @Chappers yes fella i have.
  10. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    Yes they were indeed Asda coconut rings. there not nice. Car is for sale but i will still be using it and doing another run on September 8th if it hasn't sold by then. Aim is a high speed on the mile now the slip issue is sorted and then run a taller rear tyre just for a higher top speed attempt.
  11. ----SOLD---- 200 mph Mustang GT for sale

    SUPERCHARGED MUSTANG GT 850BHP 202.9MPH 2016 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8 Bought October 2018 from Trust Ford Wakefield as a Standard 1 owner car with 46k miles and full service history. March 2019 Modifications began to build a Mustang capable of more than 200mph. So far this is the first and only...
  12. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    Package arrived today from Tulsa after a long long wait due to USPS. This is a kit made by Seth White on the Edelbrock Facebook page. It’s an extra pulley and gives more belt wrap on the blower pulley. Hopefully stop the belt slip I got on the last speed run that cost me a belt.
  13. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    Right update from yesterdays speed runs. Day didn't start off too great as it rained right at the start. First 3 runs were in the wet and on the third run the car shredded the blower belt as i came off the runway. I was running a 2.7 griptec pulley but it was still slipping. On the last runs i...
  14. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    McLeod RXT is now in and bled up. need to get some miles on the clutch now ready for August 4 for next speed run.
  15. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    I’m sure the record so far for an s550 is circa 250mph so far.
  16. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    Well, pulled the box. it’s safe to say that it was slipping.
  17. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    I’m not finished with it yet.
  18. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    Well, finally got to have another go at top speed runs. Day didn't pan out as i expected. When i got in the car this morning to set off the clutch pedal wasn't coming all the way back up. Had to put my foot under and lift it. It then stayed up and behaved. Once on the runway it was pulling ok...
  19. New Ford Performance TPMS sensors

    Pretty sure the US sensors use a different frequency. 315MHz 433MHz etc
  20. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    Right, finally good news for the Mustang. Straightliners are up and running again and i have the car booked for Sunday 5th July for top speed runs at Elvington. Fingers crossed. I taxed the car at the start of the month and was able to get in some final data logging for the water/meth and...