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  1. Do I full send...or kind of send? Some thoughts..

    Interesting thread and pretty good insite of youngins vs old timers. Here is the simple problem: kids these days did not grow up looking at Mr. Rogers and are not nice to neighbors!
  2. Can my GT do what John Wick's 69 did?

    That’s what large empty snowy parking lots are for. Nothing but fun with a few friends and your moms car when you get a license. Drifting, sliding and tons of practice only helps ones driving skills!
  3. Should I not test drive a ‘19 2SS Camaro?

    My wife is great but she made it absolutely clear after buying the mullet!!
  4. Should I not test drive a ‘19 2SS Camaro?

    The new for 19 shadow gray metallic. Almost ordered the black metallic but I don’t have the energy!
  5. Should I not test drive a ‘19 2SS Camaro?

    I got my deposit back from the (lying) dealer for my Bullitt and placed an order for a 2019 2SS Camaro with dual npp exhaust, magneride 6m tranny and fancy wheels. Pretty disappointed the Bullitt never panned out and I still have a soft spot for Mustangs. Who knows, maybe all those raffle...
  6. 2019 Bullitt 1320ft time?

    It’s an internet thing. I guarantee to you non of the haters would actually go up to a person and say these things in person. (Ya know, real life) I remember they days someone would get a bloody nose if they talked to someone like that.
  7. When will dealers get more allocations for Bullitt?

    Cancelled my order for the Bullitt and waiting for my check to be returned. Dealer out right lied about having an allocation and didn’t know if he would ever receive one. Really soured me on the whole ford dealer experience. Hope my next car shopping experience at a different dealership goes...
  8. Should I not test drive a ‘19 2SS Camaro?

    I know, it just reminded me as a kid and dad getting a Torino with the 302. We also had Mercury with a 429. Going up the hills he would always bark “big block!: and push the pedal down! Fun memories.
  9. Should I not test drive a ‘19 2SS Camaro?

    Oh boy......just back from a test ride. 2SS with npp exhaust, manual tranny, magneride suspension and other goodies I would order. Motor, motor, MOTOR, Loved the grunty torque of the 6.2 liter. Pulled anywhere from idle to almost redline. Big block vs small block. Both have their charms. I...
  10. Sort of disappointed with the digital dash

    So save some money and get the regular gauges.
  11. Buyers remorse not waiting for Bullitt?

    Bullitt bashing thread?
  12. How do you deal with depression?

    Get off the internet, see your doctor and get a blood workup to start with...... talk to the doctor and go from there. Could be simple, could be complicated. Mine was simple, Sleep apnea.
  13. Should I not test drive a ‘19 2SS Camaro?

    Thanks, nice reply! How is the ride on the 1LE? This will be my fun car and I will keep my trusty Tacoma for winter and work stuff. I'm waiting to see if I can actually get my Bullitt, (still my first choice).... if not maybe Camaro after I do a test ride soon. Tough decisions for sure!
  14. 2019 A10 Camaro gets WORSE fuel economy...

    Who cares? Is this the immature post section?
  15. 2019 A10 Camaro gets WORSE fuel economy...

    Love reading the comments on the Camaro re-fresh.....exactly like this forum when the 2018 Mustang came out! Hideous! FUGLY! Fire the designer! What were they thinking! Glad I bought a 2018! Etc. It will settle down just like on here.
  16. Should I not test drive a ‘19 2SS Camaro?

    ^^^^^^ Great post Mountain376. Thanks!
  17. Should I not test drive a ‘19 2SS Camaro?

    No troll, I promise you. I am currently going through a second mid life crisis, (motorcycles were my first) and I want a V8, stick shift and rear wheel drive to do burnouts. I grew up in a Ford family and the Mustang just cought my eye. The Bullitt is still my number one choice but it might...
  18. How binding are purchase orders?

    Yes. This order was placed for a Bullitt at list price. Dealer contacted me (emails) in April stating they had an allocation for one Bullitt and I signed papers for list price. Nothing happened for months and then I contacted the sales manager and he stated no information on allocations for...
  19. Should I not test drive a ‘19 2SS Camaro?

    Will I be impressed with the off idle torque that makes cars feel fast? Will I be in love with the manual tranny? (no auto please) Will I hate the interior and blind spots? What about handling? I am being messed around with my Bullitt order and I am looking over the I see green...
  20. Alex Flores broke shift forks on camera

    Do you think that with the “new” tranny, the test drivers at Ford took them out and beat on them? I wonder if they broke forks or anything else.