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  1. Why the heck did you buy a V6 S550?

    WOW, I'm sad I have to comment on this thread, And the Mod's haven't shut it down. Ten reasons I own a V6: 1. V6 51a, with 300$ of interior mods... looks like a GT. 2. 95% of chicks have no clue wtf a GT is and it looks like a GT. 3. Insurance is 70% less then a GT and 50% less then an...
  2. Is this still the best/legit Extended Service Plan?

    I'm pretty sure a ford sales guy logs on daily to bump this thread. LOL . i'll take my chances.
  3. Recommendations for rock chips? (Grabber Blue)

    Touch up paint, unless it's really bad. It'll never be new again and it sucks but it happens. It funny how we get more upset when our mustangs get a scratch then when our kids come home with a black eye and some stitches, lol.
  4. Anybody finding rock chips past the front fenders?

    You will get chips.... on.... Front bumper(all) hood at least the first 12-14 inches, above the windshield, behind front tires, and in front of the back tires(it's odd but i found chips in front of my back tires kicked up from the front) and the door cups(the area under the door handle) that...
  5. Digital Speedo in 15-17

    yeah i'd like to go to the new digital cluster, but that is just to pricey imho.
  6. Digital Speedo in 15-17

    I saw a pic of the analog gauge cluster on a 18 and the guy had MPH selected in the middle square window:. Is it passable for the 15-17 software to get updated somehow to be able to do this? I know it's just software. It drives me nuts :frusty: we can't get a digital tach or speedo on the...
  7. Thinking about a 2019 GT, for my 18 Ecoboost

    yea, stay away from more debt. But it's your money. Enjoy the GT.
  8. Trade in v6 for a gt performance pack

    Keep the v6, pay it off, trade it towards a GT and get a brand new one when the next model comes out. if you still like the S550 you can always pick up a used one in 3-4 years for 15-18K in great shape i'm sure. Trading now will just kill your wallet. But if you got money to burn go for...
  9. What is this component above my glove box

    i found this: looks a lot like that. a gps navigation box for a Mercedes.
  10. What is this component above my glove box

    if it's hooked up take it back to the dealer ASAP and have them rip it out and run full diagnostics. if it was just sitting in there... maybe the guy left it there from some other project.. i'd still have ford run a full diagnostics on it. if this car was NEW, return it. because that should...
  11. What is this component above my glove box

    i'm thinking it's a low voltage security camera setup control box that is run on 12V. maybe a bumper cam. i highly doubt that is for the back up cam. some one was trying to push some serious resolution, not to mention this has some weird DVR (digital video recorder) option. yeah is this car...
  12. What is this component above my glove box

    is it actually plugged in to anything? or just sitting there?
  13. Currently have an Extended Warranty (ESP) to 150,000 miles...any way to extend that??

    wow, 40K/year. you getting any mileage back from your employer? or is that just your commute? if you get mileage the national average is about .55/mile. that should be more then enough to buy a new mustang every 2 years. so put 80K on the car, sell it. take the $15K(from selling a 80K...
  14. What is this component above my glove box

    It's the government tracking you, Hide your kids, hide your wife! But in all seriousness, it might have been put there my aliens. Well..... or maybe it a highly top secret device smuggled out of the ford factory that was meant for an international spy to over throw the plan to take over the...
  15. cheap tires?!

    ok i'm a noob, but i've always shopped tirerack and the big names on the Internet... but this pop'd up: the name brands are $$$ but the no names, if you need a set of tires for your beater or just wanna line lock. some of these no name tires are CHEAP!!! no i...
  16. Highest mileage and longest period with original evaporator core?

    From that I'm reading it's a feels like a crappy life time on the evaporator core. Mostly people having problems are in places where they drive the car year round and have the AC on 80%+ of the year. You more you go north it seems less n less a problem because in NY for example... We use the...
  17. Ecoboost towing capacity?

    [ame] wait for it!
  18. Feedback Requested on Current/Future Mods

    That's A LOT of mods! I would say get a F150 Raptor(the same color of course) to trailer it because all your gonna want to do is cook tires off it, LOL. My question would be? What else could you do short of major engine work to hit 1000HP? I would focus on drive-ability mods, unless your...
  19. 4 fatal Mustang Flaws....

    Thanks for sucking my life away!! LOL crash videos on youtube of morons.. LOL i lost 5 hours watching these funny videos and then cat videos. i got sucked in!!