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  1. Bat Soup” or “Bad Science” in Wuhan?

    Like I said, political mess! Let’s get back to cars After this, I’m open to talk about the Mach-E!
  2. Bat Soup” or “Bad Science” in Wuhan?

    This WILL turn into a political mess! I for one, come her to get away from this kind of crap! Be well and Be Kind! Good luck!
  3. Bat Soup” or “Bad Science” in Wuhan?

    I think the Only is thing we can agree on is the MT-82 is Chinese Junk! This debate will go on longer then the manual vs auto debate! We’re all screwed come fall! The “Variant” is coming! Without a doubt their setting it up for another lockdown! They get the holidays off paid! 🤣
  4. Bat Soup” or “Bad Science” in Wuhan?

    Lets Not Forget. MT-82. Circa 2011 Originated in China!
  5. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I have been kicking this around! How long did it take to install?
  6. Bat Soup” or “Bad Science” in Wuhan?

    This is as opinionated as Manual vs Automatic!
  7. Bat Soup” or “Bad Science” in Wuhan?

    With the vast amount of side affects and the fact that so many health care workers are refusing to take the vaccine, that says something. I for one already have heart issues and a few of the side effects are heart related. I for one will pass, if I get the virus and drop dead... it was meant...
  8. Coolant in Oil???

    I have my first oil change coming next Saturday and a sample will be going to Blackstone. I already have the Sample kits from them. They send them for free with mailing labels for free shipping attached. What is $30 to see what’s in the oil? Nothing.
  9. Coolant in Oil???

    It’s something to keep and eye on and find out where the coolant is coming from.
  10. Coolant in Oil???

    Allentown! Your less then an hour from me! Willow Grove Area!
  11. Coolant in Oil???

    It’s certainly something to keep an eye on, most likely the head gasket.. what year and how many miles?
  12. Is it huge downgrade to trade in my 2020 GT350 for a Stinger?

    We bought our daughter a 2002 VW Beetle convertible with a Tiptronic transmission. I always hoped that was the last thing in the driveway. It was a blast to drive! An No, I never showed them how to use the paddles!
  13. what would you pay?

    When buying a car, Never Tell them your paying cash up front. Wait till you make the best deal you can.. if they know your paying cash, they will sell you spinner rims along with other things to up the margin! Money is the very last thing you talk about.
  14. what would you pay?

    Zack @ granger ford is 2% under invoice. You may want to search the forum.
  15. Dealership service experience

    That is my worry. I feel like it’s a crap shoot!
  16. Dealership service experience

    Thanks for sharing your experience.. I have my first oil change next Saturday with a New Dealership. The dealership that I have dealt with for over (30) years couldn’t find me the car I wanted. These guys came through so, I’m going to try them out. I talked to the service manager yesterday...
  17. What to expect when expecting.... my Mach 1 from Granger?

    I thought someone was going to say, “Stretch Marks & Retaining Water”! 🤣
  18. A/C Diagnostic help requested.

    The pressures listed don’t correspond to 39 & 45. Let ford check it out! The suction pressure is way too high for that.
  19. A/C Diagnostic help requested.

    Subcooling is the difference of what the pressure converts to temperature wise to the actual temperature of the liquid line before the TXV.
  20. A/C Diagnostic help requested.

    You don’t need a thermometer, the evaporator (Low side pressure)converted to a temperature is the evaporator temp in the middle of the evaporator. Same with the condenser (high side pressure). Which yours is way too high! The next thing to look at is “subcooling”! This is the heat rejected...