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  1. Bmr k member install, can it be done on jack stands?

    Just curious is there enough room to do the installation with jack stands, or is a lift going to be required? Hopefully I can get the car high enough on jack stands, I don't have anytime access to a lift unfortunately. Has anyone done one on jack stands, or am I crazy for thinking about trying it?
  2. No wait on BMR K-Members @ Beefcake Racing!

    Do you have a rough idea of how much time to set aside for the installation? Got mine ordered.
  3. N2mb WOT Box

    Probably broken timing chain guides, then who knows what else could have gone wrong from there
  4. Driveshaft coupler going out

    After some research, I was wrong about dorman. Hopefully the dealer has one
  5. Driveshaft coupler going out

    Well I found out that I can get a dorman replacement for cheap. Kinda makes me nervous being dorman, but maybe it will do the trick for a bit. Would still rather something like a solid aluminum or poly spacer though
  6. Driveshaft coupler going out

    So had a buddy helping me out with the exhaust on my car as I'm a bit limited right physically. Well while under there we found the rubber coupler on the front of my drive shaft is torn, and a bolt looks kinda buggered up. Is it that common for these to fail? Not really wanting to buy a one...
  7. Most common problems with long tubes?

    It was just coming on to it. It's a newer wash, and it was very cold. I'm thinking that the concrete heaved a bit and that's what caused the problem.
  8. Most common problems with long tubes?

    Yeah less than ideal. I have an attorney involved now. What sucks was I was getting ready for another round of mods, then had some complications with a major injury I had back in April and have to have aurgsur again, then tore my rotator cuff and labrum. So medical bills are eating me up, and I...
  9. Most common problems with long tubes?

    Just happened to me last Thursday. Went through a Charlie's car wash, I go through every couple days or so. Car is not lowered only has the normal suspension stuff cradle brace vert links etc. Well the car wash got ahold of my exhaust at the headers and ripped the whole exhaust out from under...
  10. 15-17 lund flex fuel

    On my car I prefer the flex tune over my 85r tune. Car doesn't feel any faster with the e85r tune and my flex tune driveability is spot on, e85r not so much has some rev hang issues, but they say the logs check out
  11. Incorrect Fuel with Tune

    Drain tank, fill up with what you were running before, pull fuel line from rail and let pump cycle and catch fuel then re connect and let car idle for a bit to get the 85 out. You could also pull the rail and drain it for a piece of mind. Order a language and have lund send you a base file...
  12. Dead battery, need help with some questions

    PS, I would say away from interstate batteries. They don't last worth a shot. We used to run them in our fleet, which is 53 trucks 60 plus mowers etc. We have actually had better luck with the super start from O'Reilly (that doesn't say much) and my personal favorite or batteries ie morotcraft...
  13. Dead battery, need help with some questions

    X2 on an AGM battery! Check specs on batteries, there is more than just cold cranking amps. Amp hours etc all make a difference, and in a cold climate spending a few dollars more on a better battery will be more than worth it. Do something research, I prefer AGM batteries myself.
  14. Am I the only one that comes up with a project as an excuse to buy new tools

    So instead of buying a new 3 inch exhaust system I decided to build own with a few custom features. Honestly it would have been cheaper and easier to just buy one, but I kinda wanted to buy a Milwaukee m18 porta band saw and a swag table for it. So I kinda has to make up a reason to buy one LoL...
  15. Who has built their own exhaust?

    So I am building my own exhaust system. It's easier to buy, but it gives me something to do and I can make it custom to how I want it. So far I have a bunch of 3 inch stainless mandrel bends and straight pipe on the way, along with 2 Dyno max stainless bullets, and a stainless resonated x pipe...
  16. Kansas Wtb gen 2 cyl heads used

    Looking for a set of gen 2 cyl heads. Need a spare set to send out to get ported and worked over and not looking to have the car down for an extended be period.
  17. Ohio OEM 19" dark stainless wheels. Only like the pic.

    Shoot me. Pm, I have a set in great shape with like new nitto 555g2 tures
  18. 2019 Comp cams stage 2 NSR installed!

    It's lots a fun making power to 8000 plus rpm! I love being able to stretch my cars legs out. When someone next to you is shifting at 7300 and your shifting at 8300 you can tell the difference, and the car stays up high enough on the shift to stay well into the peak power. Plus the way they...
  19. What's your Idle RPM set at?

    Last I looked i think it was around 875 its Lund tuned, cobra jet twin 65 tb and stage 3 cams. Haven't drove the car in a while due to winter weather, lots of work and I really don't want to put it on salty roads.