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  1. One Lap from GT350 Track Attack

    I don't believe the professional photographer shoots video, but they gave us a thumb drive and said there was over 500 pictures on it. I haven't had a chance to look at it as we just returned and I am still going through the shots the wife took.
  2. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    The wife and I will be there the 17/18, although the wife is just a guest. We are also taking a couple extra days to check out the area. See you there!
  3. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    One year from date of purchase.
  4. body shop abused my mustang, what should I do now?

    Most dash cams, like digital cameras have embedded information in the video, to include, date, time, serial number of the camera etc. So it shouldn't be hard to tie the video to his dash cam. Also, in one video the driver is heard talking to a girl in the shop about taking the car to the DentX...
  5. Shelby flued caps and Ford Performance/Airaid filter

    Hey Jason, where did you get the caps from? They look great.
  6. Purvis Ford in Fredericksburg

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has used Purvis Ford to work on their GT350? I've heard too many bad things about Cowles to consider them. Thanks.
  7. GT350R Extended Ford Warranty pricing...

    Try Flood Ford. I got the premium care package, 8 years 100k miles, first day rental, enhanced rental and interior and exterior lighting for 1710. You can order it directly from their website.
  8. GT350 DIY Oil Change

    There is an oil life reset in the information display. You would log your oil change and date it. Make sure to save the receipt for your oil and filter purchase.
  9. 2017 GT350 Lloyds trunk mats Shaker or not?

    No sub and the Lloyd's Shelby mats are excellent. I also got the matching floor mats to go with the trunk.
  10. Moving to Nova next year.

    Expect to spend a lot of time sitting in traffic.
  11. Looking For a Indoor Car Cover

    I ordered one from Mustang Depot. It's the indoor satin stretch, very soft and you can customize it. Definitely not cheap, but I think worth it.
  12. What can we do for You?

    Sill Plates Hi Benny, Can you give me a quote for a set off GT350 sill plates. Believe the number is FR3Z-6313208-DA. These are the original plates with GT350 on them. Thanks. Greg
  13. CJ Pony Parts Forum Discount Code

    Discount code please, thanks!
  14. Key Tag

    I have a little square sticker stuck to the back of one key, but not on a plastic tag as Colleton stated. I'll check the sticker to see what's on it and report back. Thanks all!
  15. Key Tag

    Thanks. Was it one of those metal tags? I'll check with the dealer regarding the VIN.
  16. Key Tag

    Hi All, Just picked up my 2017 350 Saturday and loving it. I recieved both keys but noticed there wasn't the normal key tag that comes with new cars for ordering new keys. Does the 350 come with a key tag? Thanks! Greg
  17. how to clean Alcantara steering wheel?

    Here ya go...